Why use an e-commerce connector?

by Elliot Infelta on Feb 04, 2022

Have you ever heard of the e-commerce connector? The latter allows you to connect your ERP such as EBP or commercial management software to your sales site. Thanks to it, your ERP or commercial management software is connected to your e-commerce site, webshop or online ordering solution.

Your backend software is systematically updated each time you place an order in your e-commerce site or webshop and vice versa, the e-commerce connector updates your management software.

Thus, optimizing your inventory, price and order management has become child's play whether you are selling between professionals or for individuals (B2B/B2C). The stock is modified each time an order is placed and is updated thanks to your ERP connected to your e-commerce connector.

One of the advantages found in e-commerce connectors is their ease of use which will allow you to simply centralize your data, interpret it and automate actions on it. This has the ultimate objective of providing quality service to your customers, but at the same time allows your team to have a global, streamlined view of your data which can thus be better used and above all save you time on commercial management.

During the purchasing process, your customers will check the product catalog to see how many items are available. Ultimately, if necessary, they will also be informed of upcoming restocking, price changes, promotions, or even current prices in certain areas of professional activity such as for wholesalers.

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Your software also takes into account online payments via the e-commerce site or B2B webshop. Depending on your management software and thanks to the e-commerce connector, your billing department will have access to information on payments or orders awaiting billing (30-day payment, discount, etc.). Its implementation strengthens the transmission of information between services and ease of access, because updates made by users are immediately visible to other relevant services.

Thus, the e-commerce connector is, as you will have understood, the ideal tool to increase efficiency and optimize the work of sales teams, aiming to achieve numerous commercial objectives.

The e-commerce connector is different depending on each management software, CRM or ERP and they are available in several forms. There are two main forms, the oldest which are transmission via an SDK and the most recent which is connection via API. It remains to be favored.

At Huggii, Les Bons Tuyaux du web, our E-shop website solutions are connected with the majority of ERP, CRM and management software and a management tool caught our attention, the EBP software with which we decided to use be a partner if you don't know it, here's a quick summary.

The EBP e-commerce connector

EBP is one of the first publishers to provide solutions for VSE/SMEs with nearly 600 employees. EBP is now part of the French ETI. Today, it is a true partner for businesses, with a unique range of efficient and customizable software. Indeed, serving creators, artisans, traders, liberal professions and SMEs with up to 250 employees

The management software is suitable for connecting to any online store with its EBP e-commerce connector whether you develop it tailor-made or in SaaS. Once linked, all you need to do is export your items and information and online orders can begin via API and EBP or the EBP SDK system.

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Huggii.com EBP partner

We have been working with clients using EBP solutions for several years, so it was only natural that we learned to understand their software and their operating methods.

Thus, thanks to his knowledge, we were able to develop a tool at Huggii that allows you to connect all your data stored at EBP with our E-Shop or tailor-made solution so that we can retrieve, for example, your product or price catalogs. .

Thus, by collecting this different data, whatever the tool used, you will have access to the same information which will greatly facilitate your use of different tools such as Huggii or EBP. The opportunity for all those who are EBP customers to connect their management tools easily and quickly to their e-commerce site or webshop.

The 100% French management tool EBP offers you multiple services summarized below.

What services does EBP offer?

In fact, you are spoiled for choice when you subscribe to an offer with EBP, because depending on your objectives and your projects, however diverse they may be, you will surely find an offer that meets your needs.

To get a little clearer ideas, we suggest you discover the main ones below:

Accounting software

EBP has developed a service that allows you professionals to better manage your accounting and cash flow within your company. Indeed, thanks to the automation of several of your tasks, considered time- and energy-consuming, you can master these different subjects as best as possible:

  • Control your monetary data (synchronization with your bank account, dematerialization of invoices, etc.)
  • Creation of accounting documents (balance sheet, Profit and Loss Account, for example) which you can send to your accountant for your files.
  • From general accounting to the establishment of the income statement via analytical management, you benefit from the essential functionalities to accurately monitor the financial health of your activity.

Quotation and invoicing software

For all professionals who wish to have at their disposal a tool to facilitate their customer quotes and invoicing, EBP allows you, through its software, to create your purchase and sales documents from A to Z, quickly. So, by automating these tasks, you will significantly gain productivity and limit your margins for error.

Because your cash flow management has a major impact on the sustainability of your business, when you manage it properly, the primary goal is to improve your productivity. In addition, when you monitor outstanding amounts with your customers, you can easily set up electronic invoices and direct debits to reduce your payment times.

In the end, you will maintain an overall vision of your performance and will be able to act optimally on these different subjects.

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CRM and Customer Management Software

EBP has developed a service that allows you professionals to better manage your customer management within your company. Indeed, thanks to the automation of several of your tasks, considered time- and energy-consuming, you can master these different subjects as best as possible:

  • Control and identify important information to know about your customers and prospects
  • Bring together all your data concerning your prospecting and your customers to save your sales team time and allow them to concentrate on the important elements
  • Follow the sending of emails, presentations, appointments, in order to evaluate interactions with your customers/prospects.

You thus always provide relevant and personalized responses to everyone and improve the image of your company and build customer loyalty. So, keep in mind that follow-up and the resulting customer satisfaction will allow you to conclude more contracts.