New sales channels in B2B e-commerce

by Elliot Infelta on Oct 08, 2021

As a B2B wholesaler or B2B distributor, you are surely looking for new ideas to sell your products in an innovative and original way. This is quite understandable, given the saturation of certain markets and the ever-refining demands of your customers, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd.

First of all, we are surely not the first to tell you that it is essential that, as professionals, we have a well-referenced, intuitive and easy-to-use e-commerce site for your B2B or B2C customers.

If you thought that selling via an e-commerce site for you professionals was the only “digital” way to promote and sell your products, sorry to tell you, but that is not true.

However, rest assured, we will present to you new ways of selling your products in an innovative and original way which can be used in addition to your e-commerce sites for your professionals, B2B wholesalers.

computers and phones

“Live-shopping” in addition to B2B e-commerce

This trend, straight from Asia, manages to convert more and more buyers these days and convinces companies such as Carrefour, Adidas and Boulanger to use it to boost their sales.

The principle remains quite simple, a decor, a camera, a microphone and a good internet connection are enough for your customers from the four corners of France to watch your product presentation live. Very good, so far it looks like a Live Instagram, but it's not really the same thing, because on average the conversion rate of a Live shopping is estimated between 15 to 35% compared to an average of 1 or even 1.5% compared to a b2b e-commerce site .

Its specificities? As a b2b wholesaler or b2b producer you could inform in real time of new arrivals of your products, the opportunity to make mouths water in a fun way by presenting your products while answering your customers' questions.

In other words, you will be a kind of presenter that you find on TV shopping shows, except that you will be able to interact with your customers which adds a human connection that many buyers appreciate!

For example, at the request of one of our b2b wholesale clients of porcelain and tableware who would like to develop this technique in order to inform their customers and suppliers (foreign and national) will be able to offer us, thanks to Live shopping, the exclusive arrival of their new tableware. So the idea would be to gauge the appetite and especially the opinion of the chosen products using easily interpretable functionalities such as the “I like” or “I don’t like” buttons that we can find on Facebook, in particular.

The b2b e-commerce merchant site to boost your visibility

This second technique, as the name suggests, simply consists of creating an e-commerce site in order to reference your products, services and, from a global point of view, your business.

As a professional, producer, wholesaler or craftsman, you have already experienced times when your sales stagnated or even declined. However, you can no longer afford to wait for this to pass and must of course act to resolve this bad situation.

The fact therefore of create an e-commerce site will enable a better customer experience that will be intuitive and personalized. Widely appreciated by new generations of buyers who are “digital natives” and therefore more inclined to consume your products via an e-commerce site.

By this, we mean that you can inform your buyers, for example, of the prices, models, colors and other particularities of your products or services without going through countless exchanges of emails, telephone calls, etc. That's not all, your Customers will be able to easily consult personalized catalogs meeting their needs with information regarding delivery, minimum order, prices and other essential information.

Setting up a b2b e-commerce site therefore means selling to your customers in a practical, intuitive way and improves your business management.

Social networks to interact with your customers

It's not because you are a B2B wholesaler or B2B producer that you cannot use social networks to promote your business.

On the contrary, your customers will be more than delighted to be able to follow your adventures and be informed of upcoming arrivals and promotions within your company.

So start by understanding which social networks your customers use in order to focus initially on 1 or even 2 social networks, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Twitter, the choice is wide so don't try to use them all at first.

Take your time, assimilate the basics and operations of the chosen networks, it will be much more beneficial for you.

Thanks to its social networks you will be able to offer fun presentation formats to your customers, photos, “real” etc… the choice is wide, give free rein to your imagination, it will definitely please your customers!

However, if you do not feel up to managing your networks, rest assured that web agencies and specialized people will be able to lend a hand and help you build a real communication framework and plan in order to achieve your objectives (visibility, sales). , events, etc.)

Do not hesitate to consult our latest articles if you wish to learn about issues related to e-commerce, as well as the creation of a b2b site as a professional.