The benefits of attending trade shows

by Elliot Infelta on Aug 05, 2021

Each year, more than 1,135 trade fairs and exhibitions are held in France, which represents more than 210,000 stands in total run by companies that can potentially be partners for your company.

These thousands of trade shows attract more and more visitors until they reach more than 21 million entries per year on average.

The observation is clear, 81% of turnover is achieved after the presence of the trade show. Keep in mind that it is important to expand your commercial offer, flyer, speech and quote, because it is these different services that stand out as the showcase of your company. But also and above all, plan work dedicated to post-show recovery and prospecting; this long-term work is certainly energy-consuming but offers companies more than 42% of their turnover.

As a professional, you have the right to ask yourself whether or not participating in a trade show is good advice.

We therefore invite you to consult our article, in order to learn about the advantages of participating in a professional show as well as the dates not to be missed at the start of the school year.

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Why participate in trade shows

Feed your customer portfolio

One of the first reasons expressed by exhibitors is of course prospecting new customers. The larger the show, the more visitors will be present and therefore potential prospects, so it's up to you to do well and present yourself to your best advantage. To do this, do not hesitate to create flyers, documents, business cards and presentations with a clear, attractive and informative visual. There is also a technique which consists of prospecting professionals present at the show who may or may not have a stand. To do this, you must remain very cordial and come at a quiet time because this is not always well seen by the people who run a stand.

Evaluate your competition

When you decide to exhibit at a trade show, your competitors are probably there too. The opportunity to evaluate your competitiveness does not present itself every day, so it is up to you to study their new products, presentations and even prospectuses in order to modify or not certain communication or marketing choices that you have made.

Develop your partner network

Participating in a trade show also means getting to know competing or non-competing companies throughout the show. Because trade fairs very often bring together companies from the same sector of activity or even trades, you will be able to discover certain providers with services that can facilitate certain activities of your company.

Improve your company's brand image

Keep in mind that affording to exhibit these products in a trade show is not within the reach of all companies. Being able to participate shows your potential prospects that you have the necessary funds allowing you to pay for the stand(s), communication, marketing and the staff present at the show. This leads to 27% of exhibiting companies saying that participating in a trade show does indeed improve their brand images.

Trade shows not to be missed at the start of the school year


Business expo : Enjoy from September 9, 2021 in the heart of Amiens, a day specially designed for local professionals

This professional show is intended for you who are a business manager, craftsman, trader, CE manager and others.

Lunch, conference, meeting with professionals in the sector and conviviality will be there.

Thus, thanks to the presence of more than 200 exhibitors, considerably boost your customer portfolio and your visibility while meeting local clients.

Location of the event: 101 Avenue de l'Hippodrome, 80000 Amiens (approximately 1h20 by train from Paris)

Price: Free

ProDurable : From September 15, 2021 until the 17th, the event of the year will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris under the theme of sustainable development.

In partnership with the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, this professional exhibition offers Master Classes and seminars so that you can familiarize yourself and raise awareness of issues related to sustainable development within companies.

Event location: Palais des Congrès in Paris

Price: Depending on your profile

Indus'Expo: This trade show will bring together more than 700 visitors in Albert (Hauts-de-France) around the local industrial economy.

The challenge of this show is above all to discover, test and discuss with economic players concerning the dynamism of your company.

To do this, this show will offer exhibition spaces with the possibility of supplying its business network. But also, a special sourcing fair where you can meet clients and understand the issues of certain markets.

Finally, Indus'Expo provides a lunch cocktail and TV set where it will be possible to exchange ideas and debate on current topics concerning “industrial recovery and diversification”.

Event location: Théâtre du Jeu de Paume, 9 Place Emile Leturcq, 80300 Albert

Price: According to profile

USF Convention : This B2B professional show will be present from October 6 to 7, 2021 in Lille where it will be a question of dealing with issues concerning information systems.

Come and meet more than 90 exhibitors, 70 REX workshops and 6 conferences to deal with these following subjects:

  • What are the strategies to adopt in order to make the best of each method coexist in a single organization.
  • Hybridization of Information Systems, work between face-to-face and teleworking
  • Or finally the hybridization of consumption patterns.

Event location: Lille Grand Palais, 1 Boulevard des CitésUnis - 59777 Lille

Price: According to profile

Digital and trade shows

It is not without surprise that we see the excitement of digital trade shows that we now call “Webinars”. This concept, which has already existed for several years, took advantage of the health crisis to be able to become part of our daily habits. According to recent studies carried out by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, 60% of the companies contacted indeed affirmed that it was a crucial issue for them to be present in webinars in order to compensate for the absence of certain trade shows. which should normally be held.

The principle often remains the same, meeting exhibitors, discovering new products and services, and other benefits that you will find in a physical trade show. It is therefore certain modifications such as the price in particular which will be different from a physical trade show to that of a virtual one.

Understand by this, that since you will not have to travel to the show this will represent a considerable saving because you will not have to pay costs such as entry tickets, transport, food or even accommodation.

The digital trade show therefore presents itself as an excellent alternative for anyone wishing to attend trade shows without having to travel there and limit all expenses relating to coming to the same show.

Without forgetting to continue your business following your various contacts, there is nothing like having a b2b site which allows your prospects to easily find you, discover the offer you have presented to them and if possible order your products on your professional site.

If you would like to know the schedule of trade shows that will be held near you, we invite you to consult This site to keep you up to date with all the latest news.