The advantages of creating a mobile-first e-commerce site?

by Elliot Infelta on May 31, 2022

In its report titled Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce 2020 , the Gartner Group predicted that the B2B e-commerce experience will become increasingly mobile-first . In other words, companies would benefit from making their sites ergonomic and easy to access for smartphones. In addition, it has become crucial to upgrade your website/e-commerce to be prepared for this upsurge in B2B buyers who consume today on mobile, and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Keep in mind manufacturer, distributor or producer that it is important to understand that B2B e-commerce or online ordering in mobile format still has many years of growth ahead of it, it is therefore necessary to invest in it today. today, since mobile traffic is estimated to make up more than 33% of sales channels for today's B2B companies. Especially knowing that search engines take into account the age of the site.

Simply put, it's not hard to see why mobile remains a growth channel for businesses, such as yours . So, in your opinion, what are the elements to take into account when you want to optimize your website to make it mobile-friendly ?

We have created this article to answer your questions and give you advice on how to successfully complete your project.

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The advantages of creating a mobile-first e-commerce site?

Websites fully optimized for mobile increase your sales, because with 24/7 access to your catalog, necessarily as a distributor or manufacturer you will generate additional purchases. Think about your increasingly overwhelmed buyers who forget to order from you when they return home! Thanks to the implementation of a b2b online ordering site, they will be able to easily restock from their sofa with their price, their personalized catalog, their means of payment and delivery in a few clicks. I can tell you that in terms of customer service, you score points.

You must of course take into account that you must have a technically reliable site, if the product image is not displayed quickly enough on the mobile site, the customer can leave you immediately and go to the site of a competitor. Of course you are not always responsible if your professional client's connection is poor but the whole point is to have a light and efficient site.

According to Google's latest mobile benchmark report , "If it takes 7 seconds to load, there is a 113% greater chance that someone will leave your website." » However, the vast majority of sites studied take more than 7 seconds to load, although this is still penalized by Google.

Almost every other statistic shows a correlation between speed and sales. Therefore, speed and size are important when it comes to mobile sites. Many people try to implement a user-friendly strategy to help their customers stay on their website longer. Today, B2B professionals must create a fast web experience for their customers. For example, we are setting up an order replay system which allows us to recommend the same order in three clicks.

An engaged Internet user is a converted customer

According to several surveys, shopping cart abandonment is clearly due to the difficulty of navigating the site or the lack of information on the product. There are several reasons for this, such as the payment form being too long or poorly designed. The trick is to separate each sticking point and remove it one at a time. So, you certainly understand the importance of taking steps to make information easier to access and purchase. For example, you can automate customer registration forms, contact information, and purchasing information. A simple welcome message feature during customer account creation can get your b2b customers into the habit of ordering through your online ordering site.

This seemingly trivial feature can significantly reduce the number of errors on mobile devices, saving 20% ​​of the time it takes customers to fill out long, complex forms. Therefore, these people no longer have to manually enter information and can easily save the information and save a lot of time.

In short, keep these different points in mind:

  • SMS alerts are another option that allows you to create a personalized message that will be sent immediately if someone is interested (for example, if you add an item to your cart) but don't make a purchase.
  • Mobile payment simplifies the purchasing process

B2B e-commerce is:

  • Transactions with higher values ​​(contrary B2C)
  • Significantly large orders
  • Advanced adjustment of products and prices. B2B buyers often request a quote rather than prepayment. In short, different payment terms are often required.
  • Creating personalized price catalogs for individual customers or groups of customers
  • Enable a fixed price list, percentage or volume discount
  • Automatically receive and confirm preliminary orders before requesting a negotiated transaction. At the other end of the spectrum, especially on mobile, there are one-click purchase options for common items using payment methods such as PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay but can use in B2B.

What to think of mobile B2B e-commerce?

B2B mobile commerce brings together two trends which, combined, represent a real business opportunity for you, professionals.

First, more and more B2B buyers want to control a simple and transparent purchasing process. Second, more and more people are shopping online via mobile devices. As a result, today's B2B buyers are digital savvy and do their research online before making a purchasing decision. They are also less price sensitive than the typical B2C consumer.

But today, value doesn't just mean offering extra features or lower prices. It’s about streamlining the overall experience for those purchasing products and services on B2B mobile commerce sites. To attract and retain more customers, you need to deliver more value faster and easier than your competitors with a mobile-first B2B buying experience. Mobile e-commerce revenue performed strongly in 2021, growing 22.3% year-over-year to over $3 billion. Simpler, more intuitive and more accessible, these are the qualities that have allowed mobile sales to attract more and more fans. Remember that it is important that your website is responsive.

But of course this also applies to mobile devices, so we carry out tests on different phone models to assess whether the UX customer experience is satisfactory or needs improvement from the customer's point of view. Do not hesitate to implement various features such as chat, payment deadlines, interactive product sheets, etc. to always improve the customer experience of your professional customers.