Suppliers and wholesalers: how to develop your sales on the internet?

by Elliot Infelta on Jan 19, 2021

We know that e-commerce is booming, and over the last two years there has been a 20% increase in turnover generated online. This is surely THE good reason to develop your business online. More and more orders between professionals are made solely through the internet and online commerce. Not having an online ordering solution means taking the risk of missing out on certain customers and a significant turnover.

But how to develop your business on the internet as a supplier or wholesaler?

This is the particularity of the subject. Indeed, online sales between professionals should not be approached in the same way as sales to individuals. We cannot imagine selling 100 meters of electrical cable in the same way as we would sell a t-shirt. The objective is therefore to find a way to target only professionals so as not to miss the wrong target.

This is why Huggii has developed a system allowing suppliers and wholesale sellers to develop their business online. (Learn more)


  • Creating an online sales system is expensive

This is not the case for everyone, you just need to choose your website management provider carefully. Huggii, for example, is a merchant site creation service provider suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The budget therefore adapts accordingly. The objective is to make the online sales solution accessible to everyone.

  • Creating an online sales system takes time

It is true that with a service provider who gives us free reign, we have to set aside time to create our website, update it, and check that everything is working perfectly. All these little things that ultimately take up a lot of time in the life of a business.

Fortunately, Huggii offers turnkey solutions to eliminate these repeated wastes of time. Our team sets up your entire e-commerce site while respecting your company's graphic charter. This solution therefore allows companies to concentrate more on their business rather than on the management of their website.

As you will have understood, the creation of an online sales system is no longer reserved only for B2C companies, online commerce is also developing in the world of B2B and sales between professionals. Small businesses as well as suppliers and wholesalers can also develop their business through the web, in particular thanks to the system set up by Huggii to make things easier for future e-retailers.