How to simplify product sales for wholesalers and distributors

by Elliot Infelta on Nov 09, 2020

Are you a wholesaler or distributor and wish to sell (or already sell) your products to professionals? So you surely know that this type of B2B sales is one of the most complex. The process is not the same, the number of intermediaries is surprisingly greater. Likewise, the brakes are often more numerous. In short, selling your products to professionals is not easy in 2020, especially during this period of health crisis which forces us to limit personal and professional meetings.

When we wanted to launch our B2B e-commerce solution, we realized one thing. Selling to professionals as distributors/wholesalers could be very complex. Too complex .

We therefore developed Huggii. Our goal is to offer you E-Shop solutions and B2B purchasing platforms, simple and quick to implement. Discover in this article why and how Huggii can help you. Our goal: to simplify the sale of your products to professionals as a wholesaler/distributor.

Why is selling B2B as wholesalers and distributors complicated?

As a wholesaler or distributor, you often have a wide range of products and a large number of contacts and customers. The commercial part can be heavy to manage, because the complexities that are yours can make the sales process tedious, as the specificities linked to your activity are numerous. Indeed, depending on the products or customers, you must be able to:

  • sell in different units of measurement
  • manage different delivery methods (internal fleet or service provider for example)
  • manage orders based on time or day, or preparation time
  • charge different prices depending on the customers
  • provide a display of prices excluding tax only
  • connect to your specific ERP to retrieve information and then send orders there.

In short, you will have understood: selling as a wholesaler or distributor is a complex process, which requires a great capacity to adapt in order to meet the specific needs of its customers.

This is where our Huggii B2B E-Shop solution comes into play. Thanks to our solution, wholesalers and distributors can set up in just a few days an e-commerce solution perfectly suited to their needs and commercial challenges.

Customer case: Corak

As an example, we cannot do better than present to you the B2B E-Shop project of our client Corak. The latter, a distributor of surveillance and protection solutions for commercial spaces, needed an e-commerce solution meeting specific commercial and technical constraints:

  • Apply decreasing prices depending on quantities on certain products
  • Take into account the fact that a customer may have several commercial spaces, and therefore different delivery and invoicing locations
  • Set up multiple accesses for the same customer, with supervisor access to validate orders
  • Take into consideration the fact that each customer has different price negotiations
Corak's turnkey e-commerce site, developed by Huggii

Our B2B purchasing platform thus made it possible to facilitate the process of stock visualization, replenishment and sales for Corak teams.

Likewise, Corak customers can now order with greater ease.

In conclusion, Huggii meets the specific needs of wholesalers and distributors

When we were looking for ways to make product sales easier for wholesalers and distributors, our customer surveys asked us the following things:

  • Save time for the professional seller and the buying customer.
  • Offer the possibility to this type of B2B business to generalize digital communication between seller and buyer (website, mailing, social networks, etc.).
  • Provide a tool that truly facilitates sales development.
  • Enable rapid and simple transmission of information to all employees and customers.
  • Being able to offer order management directly with the supplier's IT tools, and therefore establish a connection with management tools (ERP and CRM), banks and logistics providers.

From then on we created Huggii, a turnkey solution which allows distributors and wholesalers to considerably facilitate the sale of their products. Likewise, our e-commerce solution allows you to digitalize your offering and processes without having to invest time or money.