Number of the month of March 2022

by Elliot Infelta on Mar 15, 2022

Today we present to you the number of the month! the one you should not miss in the B2B sector

Curious to find out?

According to a recent study conducted by FEVAD, European B2B manufacturers plan to invest up to 20% more in their digitalization initiatives!

b2b slip

More and more manufacturers are expected to accelerate their digital transitions over the coming decades and consequently their investments in digital initiatives by 20% in 2022.

Indeed, now many leaders are already working across functions and departments to improve customer satisfaction and lifetime value. They are adopting self-service and integrating partners, wholesalers and other stakeholders into their digital solutions. But what about manufacturers who have not yet reached this level of digital maturity?

Partly explained by globalization and new consumer trends, according to Herbert Pesch – Evident: “Next year we will hear the sound of B2B silos breaking down, making it easier to integrate true digital services into customer portals thanks to growing customer demand. There will be increasing pressure on businesses to change the way they sell and deliver products and services.

Customers will plan to provide different digital services in an integrated manner.

So, as you will surely have understood, the time has come for the digitalization of your activities, dear businesses, this will allow you to be in line with the consumption habits of your customers.