Amazon is launching into hairdressing?

by Elliot Infelta on Apr 29, 2021
Amazon launches its own hair salon at Spitalfields Market in the UK!
But then, why? An idea from Jeff Bezos perhaps, who is at the cutting edge in terms of hair? 😁
The group does not want to launch into hairdressing, although we do not know their strategy, but wants to make this place an experimental place in order to test all the technologies that are developed by the company!
Huggii e-commerce tips find this great idea from Amazon!
What could be more interesting than having customers test it when they have time! Additionally on “pleasure” products and services with new technologies and directly linked to their marketplace. Indeed, Amazon controls the shopping experience from A to Z.
Huggii thinks there is nothing better than testing! And yes for example, in our case, we still hear too many people
say that e-commerce and B2B/B2C online ordering systems are not adapted to their activity without even having tested…
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