Agenda of trade shows for the start of the 2022 school year

by Elliot Infelta on Oct 07, 2022

Back to school is coming soon, and yes already, that's why Huggii les bons tips has prepared some useful information for you on the main B2B trade shows to visit from September 2022 and some useful information on the usefulness of participating in a B2B trade show as a wholesaler, manufacturer or producer.

Who said the exhibition was only for big companies and big brands? Indeed, exhibition is a great way for even small businesses to build relationships, strengthen their brand and generate sales, as it provides great opportunities for exposure to industry leaders and very committed. And as the exhibition stand rental service has become competitive these days, there is certainly no reason for small businesses not to take part in trade shows.

Today, most small business owners who attend trade shows find it difficult to take time away from their work. As a result, they don't attend events, but they don't realize that they're missing out on new ideas, networking and sales opportunities, and understanding current industry trends. If you're one of those small business owners or startup executives who think exhibiting isn't their job, you might want to reconsider.

Whether you choose to set up exhibition stands or simply attend as an attendee, you will find that the benefits are numerous. Look for a trade show that focuses on small business expansion. With an ever-growing list of trade show opportunities, incredibly low opening costs, and exponential potential for success, exhibiting is one of the top marketing strategies.

Do you know the importance of participating in trade shows? Here are 5 benefits for small businesses planning to attend trade shows.

professional salon illustration

The benefits of attending trade shows for professionals

1) The trade show allows you to create an important network

Trade shows for small businesses as well as high-profile giants are a perfect opportunity to network and develop relationships within your niche market. Communicating with other business owners will help broaden your business perspective and exchange contact information, allowing you to develop your brand message. Attend trade shows with an open mind, as these events can lead to partnerships or obtaining new clients. This is why it is said that trade shows are more successful than other advertising campaigns.

2) The trade show allows you to interact in person with your prospects.

Business is all about building strong customer relationships, and connecting with your customers face-to-face helps you build trust and increase the credibility of your business. Several companies market their products through emails or cold calls, setting up exhibition stands proves to be a refreshing change for these companies. This is an opportunity to strengthen your customer relations skills and generate good buzz around a product or service. Face-to-face interactions will help you create traction in the market and, at the same time, improve your customer base.

3) The trade show grants greater media exposure

Trade shows are usually covered by news channels or press articles, both locally and internationally. Additionally, well-designed exhibition stands, quality products and services or smart exhibition stands for interactions are a great way to ensure attendees talk about your brand on social media. Exhibiting with attention-grabbing trade show booths helps maximize brand exposure and ROI opportunities for your business.

4) The trade show allows you to work on building your brand

Branding is everything, especially for businesses that are built on trust and excellence. Exhibition is an ideal way to tell your target audience that your company is thoughtful, reliable and big enough to set up stands at major trade shows and events.

5) The trade show helps you analyze the competition

Generally, all exhibitors are in the same exhibition space. But how are you going to stand out among them? You need to have a unique exhibition stand design, and in this case, hiring an experienced stand builder will help you stand out from your competitors. Whether you are a small business exhibiting at a trade show or a Fortune 500 company, attending exhibitions will give you the opportunity to analyze your competitors' strategy and products. You can also gain a competitive advantage using this approach.

Once you are aware of the advantages that could be available to you if you decide to participate in a trade fair, we invite you to discover the trade fairs open for you throughout France from September.

Trade shows in France not to be missed at the start of the 2022 school year

Paris design week logo

1) Paris Design Week

We're starting our edition quite strong, with Paris Design Week, mainly aimed at French and international design professionals.

Take advantage of 10 days of festivals to discover all the beauty of object, house and architectural design.

Paris Design Week thus benefits from an ideal positioning in the Parisian back-to-school calendar and would be networked throughout France for design events.

Date: September 8 to 17, 2022

Location: Paris

You want to register ? Start planning the best program and partnerships for the flagship back-to-school event. Unusual addresses, exclusive exhibitions, iconic works, meetings.

Contact now: Pierre Gendrot

T. +33 (0)6 29 84 16 29

For more information about this show, visit their website here .

plant show

2) Plant show

Eco-contributor in favor of the planet, positive element for cities and countryside, nourishing and source of well-being for humans: the plant world is essential and is present at the Salon du Végétal.

The Salon du Végétal Nouvelle Ère is a privileged space for sharing and promotion, in France and internationally, and invites the entire sector to Angers for three days of events (September 13, 14 and 15) around the vegetal. Dedicated to professionals, and at the same time resolutely open to society, the Salon du Végétal Nouvelle Ère is also the meeting point for all plant enthusiasts.

Date: September 13 to 15, 2022

Location: Angers exhibition center

You want to register ? Click now on this link to access the registration form here .

Sido logo

3) SIDO show

SIDO connects technologies with small and medium-sized businesses, SMEs and large companies by promoting cooperation and technological partnerships. For 8 years now, SIDO has been THE meeting place for all business leaders, policy makers, innovators, and all operational staff looking for long-term growth and value creation.

You can take your business into an important new phase of its development and make your digital transformation a reality thanks to the experts at SIDO 2022.

Be there from September 14 and 15 to attend this show which promises to be eventful!

Date: September 14 and 15, 2022

Location: Lyon Congress Center

You want to register ? Click now on this link to access the registration form here .

Sett logo


For this 5th edition, island exhibitors will be there, and major nationally and internationally renowned companies will also be present to offer their products/services and explain their implementations.

This catering and hospitality trade fair does not have to prove itself, because year after year it attracts many professionals who exhibit or visit exceptional workshops, so what do you say?

Date: November 8, 9 and 10, 2022

Location: At the exhibition center in Montpellier

You want to register ? Click now on this link to access information about this show here .

In addition or if you have not found the show to boost your activity as a wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor. There are other possibilities like web solutions, e-commerce site or order portal who can help you grow your business! Do not hesitate to come and discuss it with our teams.