Calculate your Return on Investment (ROI) with B2B / B2C E-commerce

Simulate potential gains by switching to E-commerce via a merchant site or a B2B order portal in just a few seconds!
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Grâce au e-commerce B2B, vous réaliserez potentiellement un gain de dont de frais de personnel.

The importance of ROI in E-commerce

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) of your e-commerce project is a crucial step to ensure its profitability and your peace of mind. Although ROI is only one element among others in the evaluation of a project, it remains essential to measure the financial efficiency of your B2B/B2C company.

Gains beyond finances

Beyond financial gains, our approach to e-commerce also considers other essential benefits. Explore how our online ordering solution can not only increase your attractiveness to customers thanks to its innovative nature, but also contribute to your customer loyalty.
The digitalization of your product offering will also simplify communication, whether via messaging, social networks or emails.

E-commerce solutions adapted to your needs

We understand that every business has unique business and budget needs. Discover how our flexible B2B/B2C e-commerce website solutions adapt precisely to these requirements. Opting to create your site via Shopify is not only a guarantee of efficiency, but also guarantees a rapid return on e-commerce investment.

Calculation data:

*Average increase observed during the transition to E-commerce is 14% linked to the visibility of the offer, new customer, simplification of replenishment, additional sales, etc. Fevad/DGE study carried out by Next Content and Credoc
*BtoB sales via website and EDI should represent nearly 75% of orders by 2030
*Savings made linked to time saved on the basis of a gross hourly cost of €16.35