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Develop your business thanks to an attractive and efficient e-commerce site to develop your sales, retain your customers and acquire new customers.

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Huggii is convinced that B2B and/or B2C e-commerce must be a priority development tool for any company!

This is why we help companies develop via the web and e-business with the most efficient solutions on the market in order to achieve your commercial and marketing objectives.

The Huggii Web Agency located in Lille and Roubaix creates your e-commerce site, order portal or showcase site throughout France and supports you before, during and after putting your project online.

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E-commerce site

Develop your sales with an attractive e-commerce site

B2B order portal

Save time and build customer loyalty with a B2B portal

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Increase your visibility and customer and lead acquisition

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Connect your ERP/CRM to improve your productivity

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Huggii va vous permettre d’avoir une vision transverse sur le modèle économique et les solutions techniques possibles pour votre projet.

Un projet rentable avec Huggii !

Fort d’une expérience multi sectorielle au travers des projets de nos clients, Huggii va vous permettre d’avoir une vision transverse sur le modèle économique et les solutions techniques possibles pour votre projet.

C’est en prenant en compte les besoins de nos clients que nous proposons LA solution de site web idéale. 

La rentabilité du projet est primordiale, pour cela nous étudions tous les bénéfices à développer votre site web b2b2c pour cela rien de simple, calculez rapidement votre ROI

The B2B2C web agency for distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers

Distribution or manufacturing professions are specific and often require functionalities different from traditional e-commerce.

For this, our team made up of web developers, web designers and project managers provides its know-how to achieve the success of your website project.

A team

Each member of the team ensures that they fully understand the problem their clients encounter before embarking on the design of the site.



Huggii is dozens of companies of all sizes who trust us to create their website, B2B2C e-commerce site.

An expertise

Our agency specializes in b2b and b2c and will be able to think about the best project solution to match your business and your identity.

A training

Depending on your needs, we support you from A to Z or we train you to be autonomous in the management of your site.

Our technology

Shopify Expert and Shopify Plus

To develop your B2B2C e-commerce sites we work with Shopify, the most efficient and recognized solution on the market.

You have large-scale e-commerce development projects then Shopify Plus is made for you, Huggii is a Shopify partner and supports fast-growing companies (+€5M turnover) on their e-commerce project.

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Frequently asked questions

Apart from traditional ordering services by telephone, email, SMS or by a sales representative, the most complementary and efficient means at present is the establishment of a b2b e-commerce site . By implementing an online ordering solution for your professional customers (B2B), you will be able to save time and develop your sales simply and easily. We have summarized the different solutions in an article so that we can provide you with answers and allow you to have a competitive advantage.

The main reasons for buying online are:

  • simplifying the purchasing process
  • access to company and product information (delivery method, price, product characteristics, etc.)
  • Saving time
  • Securing the order (risk of errors when ordering, available stock, etc.)
  • Order tracking and online payment

Studies from Fevad show the great interest shown by b2b buyers in online ordering

In this period of extreme competition, it has never been more important than providing the possibility of selling these products and services online, as all the figures demonstrate. It is appropriate to take advantage of this period to set up a B2B or B2B e-commerce site for two reasons. The first, to allow buyers to continue to buy but also to consult the offer remotely. The second, to test the appetite of your b2b buyers for purchasing your products online even if this does not represent all of your customers or does not allow you to list all of your products.

To create a merchant site , there are several solutions which are paid or not but suffice to say that creating a b2b or b2c e-commerce site by yourself takes time, requires knowledge and to follow the technical developments of your site to not to end up with an obsolete site , this is why we have summarized the different solutions with their advantages and disadvantages to give you a more precise idea based on your request.

B2B E-commerce is booming , the figures are obvious and our personal consumption patterns are influencing our behavior in our professional purchases . To create your b2b online ordering site, there are two main means: open source and SAAS and different possibilities in terms of support which are detailed in more detail in our article.