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Your Fintecture software connected to your e-commerce site

Discover the advantages of connecting Fintecture to your B2B e-commerce site.

Fintecture is a payment institution that has developed an account-to-account payment solution based on open banking: payment by immediate transfer.

The customer pays directly from their bank account without adding an IBAN to their list of beneficiaries.

A quick and easy way to simplify selling for you and your B2B and even B2C customers.

  • Immediate confirmation of payment
  • Payment rejections linked to credit card avoided
  • Very high collection limits
  • Irrevocable payment and risk of fraud reduced to a minimum
  • Funds are credited in full between 10s to 24h
  • Automated payment reconciliation and matching
  • Reduced collection costs (vs. credit card or manual processing of transfers)
  • Ultra-simplified reimbursements

For offline payments (remote sales, payment of quotes/invoices, stores, etc.), you have a very practical tool: the payment request .

  • a payment link (to be inserted in an email or a quote/invoice)
  • an automated email/SMS payment request
  • multiple payment requests via CSV file import
  • a QR code (for payment from a mobile)

Bank reconciliation is then simplified as much as possible (choice of the amount, the reference, the date of execution of the transfer, tracking of the payment status) and recovery can be automated via automatic reminders.

Easily integrate this type of payment on your website

Easy integration

A payment button integrated into your basket, identical to a credit card payment

Time saving

Save time for your customers and your teams


A secure payment method

Simple payment

Offer an excellent payment experience whatever the type of transaction.