HUGGII Partner

EBP connector and partner web agency

Huggii is a partner publisher of EBP , the renowned management software. This partnership allows Huggii to offer its customers a complete solution, combining the creation of personalized websites with the advanced management features of EBP connected to it.

Through this collaboration, B2B and B2C companies can benefit from a comprehensive platform to grow their online business , save time and efficiently manage their operations.

For this Huggii has developed a powerful connector to send and receive your products, customers, orders and various information in your website, e-commerce site or order portal.

What are the possible connections to EBP?

Automated import

Automatic updating of your product catalog (Designation, stock, price and characteristics) on your E-shop from your EBP.

Automated export

Sending orders placed by your customers from your E-shop directly to your EBP.


Automatic customer recovery from EBP with account creation on your E-shop.


Display of prices to customers and stocks according to your settings.

Ease of use

You will gain in ease of use since all your EBP information can be simply transferred to your E-shop thanks to the API

Learn how our customers grew quickly with Huggii and EBP connectivity

EBP always at your side

Why Choose EBP Management Software for Your Business?

1. Adaptability and Customization: At Huggii, we understand that every business is unique. This is why we recommend EBP, management software that adapts perfectly to your specific needs. With EBP, you can personalize the functionalities according to your sector of activity, whether you are an artisan, a trader, or you manage an SME.

2. Ease of Use: EBP is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those who are not computer experts. Its clear user interface and step-by-step guides allow you to manage your business operations efficiently without requiring extensive training.

3. Complete Management: Whether for accounting, invoicing, payroll management, or customer monitoring, EBP covers all essential aspects of business management. This allows you to centralize all your operations in one place, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

4. Compliance and Security: With regular updates from EBP, stay compliant with the latest tax and social regulations. Additionally, EBP takes pride in securing your data, ensuring your sensitive information is protected against unauthorized access.

5. Support and Assistance: By choosing EBP through our agency, you not only benefit from high-performance software, but also from responsive and competent customer support. Our team is here to help resolve any issues or answer your questions regarding the use of EBP.

6. Scalability: EBP grows with your business. As your business grows, EBP adapts and offers advanced solutions to meet more complex needs, supporting you through all stages of your growth.

At Huggii, we work with EBP because it is a reliable and proven tool to manage your business successfully. Contact us today to learn more and start transforming the way your business is run.