HUGGII Partner

Axonaut connector and partner web agency

Huggii, as a partner web agency, offers a cutting-edge software connector . This strategic partnership allows Huggii to offer its customers an integrated solution, combining our expertise in creating tailor-made websites with the connection to your Axonaut software .

This alliance is particularly beneficial for businesses operating in the B2B and B2C sectors, providing them with a robust platform to increase their online presence, optimize their time and manage their operations with increased efficiency.

In this context, Huggii has developed a powerful connector that facilitates the sending and receiving of data such as products, customers, orders, and other essential information, integrated directly into your website, online store or order portal.

Login to your Axonaut account

Automated import

Automatic updating of your product catalog (Designation, stock, price and characteristics) on your E-shop from Axonaut.

Automated export

Sending orders placed by your customers from your E-shop directly to your Axonaut.


Automatic customer recovery from Axonaut with account creation on your E-shop.


Display of prices to customers and stocks according to your settings.

Ease of use

You will gain in ease of use since all your Axonaut information can be simply transferred to your E-shop thanks to the API

Do you want to develop and simplify the sale of your products to professional or individual customers?

logo du pain pour demain axonaut

One of the best French software, from prospecting to collection!

Centralize and share all your contacts on a simple and ergonomic interface, for an efficient commercial relationship

  • Connected to your emails and Calendar
  • Define your sales cycles

Edit your Quotes & Invoices in the image of your company: Logo, special conditions, VAT. Transform Quotes into Invoices in 1 click:

  • Compliant software for Billing (2018 law).
  • Electronic signature of Quotes and Documents.
  • Online payment of invoices and quotes: credit card and Stripe and Gocardless direct debit.
  • Management of deposit, balance and subscription invoices in foreign languages.

Manage your Cash Flow with Revenue and Expenses management. Monitoring of banking movements, turnover as well as detailed statistics.

  • Bank reconciliation / Direct connection with your bank.
  • Reading and digital entry of your invoices and supporting documents (OCR).

Axonaut allows you to automate accounting actions. All logs are filled with your daily activity and a personalized accounting export is available! Ability to manage your own accounting codes.

  • Automation of “Sales” and “Expenses” and VAT Journals.
  • Custom accounting export!

Huggii offer

With our partner Axonaut, via this link below, receive a free month at Axonaut