The ultimate e-commerce

Shopify Plus, designed for high-potential businesses

The most avant-garde and creative companies do not limit themselves to the use of classic and conventional e-commerce solutions.

In constant pursuit of excellence and innovation, they resolutely opt for Shopify Plus, a platform recognized for its B2B/B2C functionalities and its ability to effectively respond to the complex and evolving needs of modern e-commerce."

Loading speed

A platform designed for speed

✔ Enjoy remarkable global execution speed with our double-strengthened global content delivery network

✔ Unconstrained bandwidth and hosting with 99.99% uptime.

Significantly improve the speed of your website thanks to automatic image processing in WebP and by optimizing your files.

✔ Give your customers a 60% faster and smoother checkout experience with Shop Pay

Shopify Plus and B2B

Developed for your B2B activity

Grow and manage your B2B and B2C business from one place with B2B features natively integrated into Shopify Plus.

Customized for B2B purchases

Increase your revenue by providing your B2B customers with personalized shopping experiences that offer all the convenience of B2C ordering.

Seamless integration

Quickly launch your site and connect your existing systems with Shopify Plus' flexible integrations, open APIs, and robust ecosystem.

Shopify will allow you to break records!

Flexible customization

Accelerate the development of your business

✔ Customize your website and checkout process using an intuitive editor, or navigate directly to the code

✔ Increase your sales thanks to the personalization of price rules or product offerings depending on the type of customer (B2B or B2C).

✔ Transform your phones and tablets into a digital sales interface using Shopify POS cash register applications.

✔ Innovate through the use of augmented reality, 3D and videos on product sheets.

Secure your online payments

Keep your customers' personal data and payment information secure by using industry-leading data encryption. Enhance this protection with anti-bot measures, advanced fraud detection systems, and efficient processes for chargeback management and automatic account reconciliation.

Fraud and risk analysis

3D Secure payment

Encryption of payment data

Anti-robot protection

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PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance

SOC2 Type II Compliance

Ecosystem of applications and partners

Collaborate with the best

✔ 10,000 apps available in the Shopify App Store

✔ 300+ Shopify Plus Partners

✔ 80+ Shopify Plus certified apps

Invest in your brand

Permanently eliminate unnecessary expenses. Shopify Plus gives you the opportunity to make changes quickly and efficiently, even with a small and dynamic team, saving you time and money .

Additionally, a project on Shopify Plus deploys on average in three months , which is twice as fast as the six months typically needed for alternative technologies.

  • Ongoing costs of accommodation and infrastructure
  • Last minute stress with every performance and load test
  • Security patches, updates and other upgrades
  • Outsourcing simple changes that you can manage internally

Platform migration

Shopify Plus, unlimited performance

✔ Access to our proprietary data migration tool

✔ Selection of themes, customization options and industry-leading mobile support

✔ Support with domain configuration, redirection, product classification and documentation

✔ Shopify Plus priority technical support available at any time

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