E-commerce solution for producer

Are you a producer looking to simplify the distribution of your products to your customers, individuals, wholesalers, restaurants, etc.? Are your products sold according to different sales units (kg, unit, etc.) or packaging (pallet, package, etc.) and available according to the seasons or production?

Our e-commerce site solutions for producers or order portal includes features developed specifically for your domain and your products.

Here are the main features for your business

Customer profile management

Company, individual, professional, CSE, prospect…

Delivery method

Creation of tailor-made delivery methods: rate, deadlines, time limit, schedule, etc.

Management of sales units

Management of sales units: Kg, meter, packages, pallet…

Orders by unit of measure

Orders according to the unit of measurement: by unit, variable weight, variable measurement, packaging…

Order management

Management of the minimum order (free).


Discover the customer case of a producer

Project of a fruit pulp producer and distributor

Site for personalized producer

As a producer, are you looking for an effective solution to optimize your order intake , offer quality service to your customers and boost your sales? Discover our e-commerce solution designed especially for producers , including a customer portal and a tailor-made e-shop.

Our experience gained through numerous collaborations with producers has allowed us to identify and understand their specific challenges. This led to the development of a solution suitable for managing large product ranges , their pricing, volume, as well as market fluctuations. These features, developed in part thanks to feedback and advice from producers, are specially designed to meet your needs.

Our goal is to support you in your digital transition, recognizing the current challenges faced by producers facing increasingly informed and demanding customers. They are looking for immediate access to a wide range of products , at the best price and with fast delivery times. We understand the complexity of adapting to digital trends and implementing effective tools to meet these expectations.

The + for you

Mastery of Production Management Tools

Our team is expert in using the most advanced production management tools. We can help you optimize your sales processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs, while preserving your production

Solutions Tailored to Your Organization

We know that every business is unique. This is why we offer personalized solutions that adapt to the organization and structure of your business, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration of our services into your current operations.

Showcasing Your Operation

We use targeted digital marketing strategies to increase visibility for your operation. Whether through social networks, SEO or online advertising campaigns, our objective is to highlight your know-how and the quality of your products.

le e-commerce B2B pour les producteurs

The online presence of fruit and vegetable producers

Did you know ?

  • Increased Online Presence : According to a recent study, more than 60% of fruit and vegetable producers now have some form of online presence, whether it is a website, social media profiles or online sales platforms.
  • Impact on Sales : Producers who use online channels to market their products saw an average 35% increase in sales compared to those who do not use the Internet.
  • Consumer Preferences : About 70% of consumers say they are more likely to buy products from local producers if they can find information online about their farms and practices.
  • Use of Social Media : Nearly 50% of fruit and vegetable producers actively use social media to promote their products, with a particularly strong presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Websites and E-commerce : Around 30% of producers have their own website, and of these, 15% offer online purchasing options, thus facilitating direct access to their products for consumers.

These statistics clearly demonstrate the growing importance of a strong online presence for fruit and vegetable producers, not only to improve the visibility of their products but also to connect directly with their customers.

Why set up a site when you are a producer?

  1. Increase Visibility : In an increasingly connected world, a website is an essential tool for increasing the visibility of your products. It allows you to reach a wider audience, well beyond your immediate region.

  2. Improve Communication with Customers : A website provides a platform to communicate effectively with your customers, providing detailed information about your products, your production process, and your values.

  3. Sell ​​Directly to Consumers : With an e-commerce site, you can sell your products directly to consumers, eliminating middlemen and thus improving your margins.

  4. Control your Brand Image : A website gives you total control over your brand image. You can present your products, share the history of your operation, and highlight your sustainable production practices.

  5. Access New Markets : A website allows you to reach customers in other regions or countries, opening up new market opportunities.

  6. Collect Valuable Data : A website allows you to collect data on your visitors and buyers, which is crucial for understanding your customer base and adapting your offers.

  7. Meeting Modern Consumer Expectations : Today's consumers expect to find information online about the products they purchase. A website meets this expectation and builds customer trust.

  8. Make Ordering and Payments Easier : A website simplifies the ordering and payment process for your customers, which can increase customer satisfaction and sales.

In short, a website is a strategic investment for any producer wishing to develop their business, improve their relationship with customers and adapt to the demands of the modern market.

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