Why use Shopify?

Shopify pour tous avec Huggii

Suitable for all B2B/B2C companies

At Huggii we work from the Shopify solution because it allows companies working in B2B and/or B2C to have an online sales tool that is effective and easy to set up.
The Shopify E-commerce platform is perfectly suited to online sales between professionals for both a very small business (VSE – SME) and a Large Business (GE – ETI). It is designed to handle any volume of sales traffic, anytime, from anywhere.
It allows our customers to focus on their growth rather than their technology stack.

Rapid return on investment (ROI)

With the features of the integrated platform, the ecosystem of applications and partners as well as the transparent pricing, this solution is without surprises and allows you to precisely calculate a return on investment .
Depending on your specifications and your objectives, you can move forward step by step thanks to the modularity of the ecosystem and thus optimize the return on investment of your B2B & B2C website project.

Ease of use

With Shopify's fully hosted platform, intuitive back office, and flexible APIs , launching an online store or ordering portal is quick and easy. The comprehensive dashboard provides a detailed view of your company's sales, in your points of sale or warehouses. The controls and audience of the website are accessible and easy to use for your teams from a computer, tablet or mobile.
Built-in SEO features , automated marketing, and free educational materials make it easy for manufacturers, producers, wholesalers, and distributors to grow their businesses.

Process automation

Shopify and our connectors will allow you to simplify sales processes for B2B customers by automating repetitive tasks such as invoicing, shipping and order processing directly linked to your ERP .
Connect your e-commerce site or order portal to your management software, ERP or CRM, this saves time and reduces human errors: No more entering the same information twice!



Shopify's focus on innovation enables the rapid integration of distribution channels and new features that respond to ever-changing consumers. These are automatically added to the platform, so you don't have to worry about upgrades to your site.
You can therefore integrate new markets and prospect new prospects very quickly.


With Shopify, you can customize your B2B or B2C website to meet the specific needs of your customers based on the business rules established with them.
Whether at the functional or graphic level, you will be able to personalize the purchasing experience according to the type of your customer.

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