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E-commerce solution

Shopify technology

Shopify is a market-leading e-commerce SaaS platform that allows wholesalers, manufacturers, producers, distributors, etc. to easily create their website, e-commerce site or B2B/B2C order portal.

With a professional interface, Shopify offers simplified management of its catalog, inventory, orders and its customers. Specific features such as management of individual and professional customer accounts and personalized rates are available for B2B.

By offering technical support, reliable security and integrations with other management systems, Shopify is a complete solution for successfully developing and managing your online business development.

Shopify, a complete web solution

International platform

Simplified management

Integrated hosting

Optimized for SEO

Shopify the solution for

  • Promote your offer
  • Simplify ordering your products
  • Win time.

Adapted for B2B:

  • Specific professional customer access
  • Connection to your ERP/CRM
  • Specific prices according to the customer

Shopify on phone

Mobile app

Shopify's mobile applications allow you to modify your e-commerce site and manage your orders from anywhere.

The Shopify POS app will allow you to sell on-site with its online checkout system

Benefits of Shopify for B2B B2C Businesses

Ease of installation

  • Simplified process for quickly launching an online store
  • Easy daily management thanks to a robust content management system

Expansion into multiple sales channels

  • Integration with various online sales platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Access to a wide range of payment solutions and integrations

Easy customization

  • Access to a multitude of extensions to meet specific needs
  • Regular platform improvements to follow industry best practices

Simplified maintenance of the online store

  • Technical support available 24/7
  • Top-notch security with SSL certifications and regular updates

Huggii & Shopify

Global ecosystem / reliable partners

Access to 40,000+ Shopify Experts and Shopify Plus Partners: As a Shopify Partner, you benefit from a large ecosystem of qualified professionals ready to help you.

You can collaborate with Shopify experts for assistance in designing, building and launching your B2B/B2C E-shop. These trusted partners have deep expertise in e-commerce and can help you achieve your business goals .

Assistance in the design, construction and launch of your website: Huggii is here to support you throughout the process of creating your online store. With our support, you can benefit from high-level expertise to create an efficient e-shop adapted to your specific needs.

We can help you design an attractive website or ordering portal, configure necessary features, manage integrations with ERP or other tools, and ensure a successful launch.

Performance and stability

Thanks to Shopify's SaaS solution and its ecosystem, you can develop your business peacefully without worrying about technical development.
Shopify ensures the stability of the solution by previously validating all third-party applications and developments, which allows for greater technical stability compared to other solutions.

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