E-commerce solution for wholesaler

Are you a wholesaler and are you looking for an online ordering solution, customer portal, online ordering site so that your customers order easily and quickly with their prices and products? Perhaps you would like to diversify, sell directly to consumers, distribute to new markets?

As a wholesaler, you manage large ranges of products which vary in terms of price, availability, etc.

Our e-commerce site solution for wholesalers adapts to your tools and your business thanks to our features developed specifically for your field.

The main features for your business

Specific rates

Price management according to the customer or according to the customer group.

Decreasing prices

Price management according to quantities ordered (decreasing price).

Command interface

Quick order interface for restocking (pro).

Order management

Management of the minimum order (free).

Inventory management

Inventory management and ordering possibility.

Our customer cases

The Dental Bur

Wholesaler of dental materials and burs

MVA Lomme

Meat wholesaler

Website for personalized wholesaler

Are you a wholesaler and are you looking for a solution to simplify order taking, ensure reliable service for your customers and increase your sales? Our e-commerce solution is the ideal tool for you, discover our customizable wholesaler site made for you.

We very often work with wholesalers who wish to easily manage large ranges of products , their prices and volumes. It is partly thanks to their collaborations that we were able to co-build a solution together allowing you to benefit from features developed specifically for you, wholesalers. It is therefore through our wholesaler site solution that you will find all these new features.

We completely understand the needs of wholesalers these days, with customers wanting increasingly digitalized services, it is not easy to follow trends and offer increasingly efficient tools. Indeed, today's customers want to have access to a range of products instantly, at the best price and delivered as quickly as possible.

This of course involves B2B buyers, who over the years have considerably changed their ways of consuming and who prefer to restock from a wholesaler present on the internet because, according to them, it is a guarantee of trust and reliability.

The + for you

Time saving

We retrieve orders, your product catalog, prices, customers, delivery method directly in your business management tools (ERP, Excel file, CSV file, etc.).

Improved customer service

Orders 24 hours a day online from the phone/pc or your team places the order directly on the site.

Improving your visibility on the web

You express your know-how on your website and are visible on Google with a personalized home page.

le e-commerce B2B pour les grossistes

B2B E-commerce for Wholesalers

Did you know ?

The world of B2B e-commerce is evolving rapidly, and wholesalers play a crucial role in this transformation. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Rapid Growth of B2B E-commerce : The B2B e-commerce market is booming. It is estimated that more than 60% of wholesalers now have an online presence, thus offering a new sales dynamic to their professional customers.
  • Increased Online Sales : Wholesalers who adopt B2B e-commerce see on average a 20% increase in their overall sales. This growth is attributed to greater accessibility and a better shopping experience for B2B customers.
  • Optimization of Purchasing Processes : Around 70% of professional buyers prefer to place their orders online rather than through traditional methods. E-commerce offers greater transparency in terms of prices, product availability and delivery times.
  • Importance of Adaptability : B2B e-commerce solutions for wholesalers that offer customization and adaptability to the specific needs of each business are particularly successful, thereby better meeting the requirements of business customers.
  • Digital Transformation : Digitalization is becoming a necessity for wholesalers. Around 50% of wholesale companies are actively investing in digital technologies to improve their operational efficiency and online presence.

These statistics demonstrate the growing importance of B2B e-commerce in the wholesale industry, highlighting the opportunities and challenges for wholesalers in an ever-changing market.

Who is affected by setting up a wholesaler site?

For example, you will find wholesalers from large groups who have developed internet platforms allowing B2B buyers but these are expensive and time-consuming IT projects to set up.

Our order portal solutions will allow your B2B or B2C customers to have access to an expanded range of products, to track orders, manage their invoices to thus build their loyalty by saving them time.

If you subscribe to this type of solution, this will save you a lot of time because you will no longer have to manage telephone calls and sending emails which are very often time-consuming and can lead to errors.

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