Why Huggii?

Manage your business from A to Z

Depending on your business organization, it is possible to manage everything from your website or connect the site to your existing tools and software with our connectors!

Thanks to Shopify and its very complete back office, as well as the thousands of applications available , you can manage your business as a wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer or e-merchant from A to Z.

From putting your products online, managing inventory, managing discussions with your customers, obtaining qualified leads, creating emails, creating purchase orders, quotes and invoices, to payment orders and invoices, you can fully manage your activity .

Your website is your work tool

Manage your catalog

You can create your products and services , manage your stocks according to storage location, availability, create new collections, product categories, etc.
Create purchase orders for your suppliers, analyze your sales, create stock alerts, customer orders, etc.
The possibilities are unlimited and configurable according to your B2B or B2C business , or both.

Manage your customers and prospects

You know your customers very well and can manage any type of customer, whether business, professional or individual . You can interact with them (chat, email campaigns, etc.) and follow the evolution of their behavior and their purchases, all this manually or automatically.
Automated shopping cart reminders, promotional campaigns depending on the type of customer, all this is very simple thanks to Shopify and its numerous applications.

Manage your orders, invoices, delivery notes, credit notes…

With Shopify, nothing could be simpler: you manage all your online orders from your PC or mobile . Purchase orders, invoices, etc. are sent automatically or not depending on your choice, with graphic personalization in your image.
Reimbursement ? Nothing could be simpler, everything is connected to your payment method and disconcertingly simple.

Sell ​​internationally

With Shopify, selling internationally becomes child's play . You can deploy quickly in any country, with a purchasing experience specific to that country depending on its currency, language, delivery method, etc.
With Shopify Plus , set up a different back office depending on the country to better manage your business.

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