Why Huggii?

Save time with Huggii

At Huggii, we know that time is precious. This is why our goal is to save you time at all levels , both for you and for your customers.
You will also save time on your day-to-day commercial management: reduce order taking by telephone, emails, etc.
Let's not forget that setting up your site must also allow your customers to save time, with a fast and efficient purchasing experience, whether B2B or B2C.

From creation to daily use of the site

A quick process

Your project must be profitable very quickly, and for this, we implement the most agile and rapid solutions. Starting with the creation of your site, we establish simple and effective project management with tools recognized on the market.
To create your site, we rely on the Shopify solution , the most efficient and quick on the market to deploy a high-performance website and e-commerce site.
Our projects are carried out on average over 3 months , instead of 6 to 12 months compared to similar projects on other technical solutions.

Optimized and fluid commercial management

With your B2B/B2C site , you simplify the lives of your customers and save time by managing your orders online! You reduce order taking by telephone and email, and thus, you devote more time to value-added actions .
Shopify allows you to easily manage your orders from its simple and fast back office, accessible from your PC or mobile, allowing you to manage your business from anywhere!
Did you know: On average in France, 142 working days/year are devoted to administrative management in SMEs.

Do you have management software, ERP, CRM, etc.?

If you already have management software, ERP, CRM like EBP, HubSpot... no problem: we connect your website to your software to send orders, contact requests and retrieve your information (catalog, products , customers, etc.) coming from your software.
You only use your usual management software thanks to our connector , thus saving time and simplifying the lives of your teams. No double entry, no errors in your exchanges or when entering an order.

Build customer loyalty through a quick and easy purchasing experience

For your customers too, time is precious. Thanks to your site with explicit graphic construction and relevant content, your customers will quickly understand your core activity, your differentiation from the competition, your product offering, your delivery and payment methods, etc.

Thanks to the speed of the Shopify solution, with unlimited bandwidth, 99.99% server availability and one of the most efficient checkouts on the market, your customers will save time when placing their orders. A hassle-free purchasing experience that will build loyalty among your customers , whether they are professionals or individuals.

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