E-commerce solution for manufacturer

Are you a manufacturer looking for an online ordering solution for replenishing your distributors, wholesalers or even selling directly? You manage different packaging, you want to display prices excluding tax, you sell abroad with different shipping costs or 30-day payment methods, etc.

Our e-commerce site, e-shop or customer portal solutions for manufacturers adapt to your tools and your business thanks to our features developed specifically for your field.

The main features for your business

Management of sales units

Management of sales units: Kg, meter, packages, pallet…

Inventory management

Inventory management and ordering possibility.

Price display

Display of prices excluding tax or including tax.

ERP connection

ERP connection (SAGE, EBP, etc.).

Logistic provider

Logistics provider connection (Chronopost, local carrier, etc.).


Discover a manufacturer’s customer case

Manufacturer of scented candles and perfumes for 24 years, it distributes its products throughout the world in more than 200 stores.

Geodesis created its turnkey B2B E-shop thanks to Huggii.

Custom manufacturer site

Are you a manufacturer and are you looking for a solution to simplify order taking, ensure reliable service for your customers and increase your sales? Our e-commerce solution is the ideal tool for you, discover our site for customizable manufacturers made for you.

We are committed to offering an optimal service today so that you can independently manage large ranges of products as well as their prices and volumes on a webshop available 24/7. It is in close collaboration with manufacturers that we have been able to adjust our service by including features developed specifically for you, manufacturers. Discover today our solutions to enable a better digital transition within your business.

interest in offering an online service to allow your customers to order your products.

Remember, it's these kinds of details that set you apart from your competitors, and of course are widely appreciated by today's B2B/B2C buyers.

The + for you

Time saving

We retrieve orders, your product catalog, prices, customers, delivery method directly in your business management tools (ERP, Excel file, CSV file, etc.).

Improved customer service

Orders 24 hours a day online from the phone/pc or your team places the order directly on the site.

Improving your visibility on the web

You express your know-how on your website and are visible on Google with a personalized home page.

la visibilite sur le web et le e-commerce pour les fabricants

Web Visibility and E-commerce for Manufacturers

Did you know ?

In today's digital age, online presence is crucial for manufacturers. Here are some key points to know:

  • Increased Online Sales : Manufacturers who adopt e-commerce see an average 30% increase in sales. Direct-to-consumer sales through online platforms have become an increasingly popular distribution channel.
  • Importance of SEO : Around 70% of B2B buyers start their buying process with an online search. Good SEO on search engines is therefore essential for manufacturers in order to attract new professional customers.
  • Impact of Social Media : More than 50% of manufacturers now use social media to promote their products and connect with their customers. Platforms like LinkedIn are particularly effective for B2B.
  • Quality Websites and Content : Manufacturers who invest in quality websites with informative and technical content increase their credibility and attract more customers. Around 60% of B2B decision-makers cite web content as a key factor in their purchasing decisions.
  • Personalization and Customer Experience : Manufacturers who offer a personalized customer experience on their online platforms see a significant increase in loyalty and conversion rate.

These statistics show the importance for manufacturers to invest in their online presence, whether through an effective website, e-commerce, SEO, or social media, to remain competitive in an ever-changing market. .

Manufacturer, Order Portal or B2B E-commerce Site?

  • An order portal is a simplified platform designed for repeat customers, primarily facilitating the placing and tracking of recurring orders. It is customized for specific needs and focuses on transaction efficiency.
  • A B2B e-commerce site , on the other hand, offers a complete and interactive online shopping experience, tailored to attract new business customers. It integrates advanced features such as detailed product presentation, order customization, and analysis tools.

  • While the ordering portal aims for simplicity and efficiency for familiar customers, the B2B e-commerce site is designed for in-depth product exploration and an enriched user experience, aiming to expand the customer base.

These two solutions meet different needs in B2B commerce, with a more personalized orientation for ordering portals and a more global and dynamic approach for B2B e-commerce sites.

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