E-commerce solution for distributor

Are you a distributor and looking for an online ordering solution for your customers with multiple organizations (major accounts, independents, resellers, boutique)? Do you manage different pricing conditions depending on the customer, stock availability, etc.?

We create your website, e-commerce site for distributor or order portal that adapts to your activity thanks to our functionalities developed specifically for your activity, simple and quick to set up

Here are the main features for your business

Management of quotes and orders

Management of quotes and orders.

Management of FRANCOs

Management of FRANCOs by customer type.

Profile management

Different profiles possible depending on the type of client: supervisor, supervised…

Account management

Creation of customer accounts with mandatory validation


Discover the customer case of a distributor

Distributor of barbecues and outdoor products who used Huggii to create its B2B E-shop for its resellers.

Site for personalized distributor

Are you a distributor and are you looking for an E-shop solution, customer portal or e-commerce site for distributors to simplify order taking, ensure reliable service for your customers and increase your sales?

Creating a b2b/b2c e-commerce site is the ideal tool for you, discover our solutions.

It is thanks to several years of work with distributors that we can today offer an optimal service in order to manage large ranges of products, their prices and stock on a B2B site available 24/7.
We have been able to adjust our service by including features developed specifically for you, distributors. Because our aim is to support you for a better digital transition within your activity.

We completely understand the misunderstandings of distributors these days, with increasingly demanding customers who want increasingly digitalized services, it is now difficult to stand out from the competition. Especially when the concerns of today's customers are to have access to a range of products instantly, at the best price and delivered as quickly as possible.

To achieve this result, you must of course adjust to the consumption habits of your customers. They now prefer to order online rather than sending emails or making phone calls, which these days are quite time-consuming and very insecure methods. You are therefore, of course, concerned by this new consumer trend and have every interest in offering an online service to allow your customers to order your products. It's these kinds of details that set you apart from your competitors, and of course are widely appreciated by today's B2B/B2C buyers, forget Excel files and paper catalogs.

The + for you

Time saving

We retrieve orders, your product catalog, prices, customers, delivery method directly in your business management tools (ERP, Excel file, CSV file, etc.).

Availability 24/7

Unlike your team in the field or in the office, an e-commerce site or order portal is accessible at any time. This means your customers can place orders at their convenience, increasing sales opportunities.

Improving your visibility on the web

You express your know-how on your website and are visible on Google with a personalized home page.

la digitalisation des distributeurs

The Digitalization of Distributors

Did you know ?

Digitalization has transformed the world of distribution, changing the way retailers interact with their customers and manage their operations. Here are some key points:

  • Adoption of E-commerce : More than 70% of retailers have integrated e-commerce into their sales strategy, offering their customers the opportunity to purchase online, in addition to traditional sales channels.
  • Use of Data : Around 60% of retailers actively use customer data to personalize the shopping experience. This approach has proven effective in increasing loyalty and sales.
  • Investment in Mobile Technologies : Nearly 50% of retailers have developed mobile applications to facilitate online purchases and improve the customer experience.
  • Omnichannel : The majority of retailers adopt an omnichannel strategy, combining online and in-store sales to provide a consistent and integrated shopping experience.
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence : Around 40% of retailers are investing in automation and AI to optimize inventory management, logistics and customer service.

These trends show that digitalization is no longer an option, but a necessity for retailers wishing to remain competitive and meet the expectations of modern consumers.

Who is affected by setting up a distributor site?

For example, you will find distributors such as Fargau , which launched its web shop with the Huggii E-shop solution allowing its b2b customers to self-service prices specifically designed for them and to order easily and quickly with on-site delivery or drop shipping.

This barbecue distributor was notably able to allow its B2B customers to have access to a wider range of products, to track orders, manage invoices, centralize all purchases, etc.

If you subscribe to this type of solution, keep in mind that this tool will allow you to save considerable time because you will no longer have to manage telephone calls or email exchanges with your customers. Why don't you give yourself time to start or create new projects for your business?

To summarize the implementation of an online ordering system for professionals with the following advantages:

  • Fast data exchange.

  • Simplification of tasks.

  • Efficiency of internal company communication.

  • Time saving.

  • Saving money.

Rest assured, you don't need to be an IT expert to develop this type of solution, because turnkey solutions exist like Huggii.com which will allow you to have a tool totally personalized to your activity and ready to use. to work.

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