Why Huggii?

Develop your visibility through your website

Your online visibility is essential, and your customers and prospects quickly form an idea about a company whose website is difficult to find or poorly designed. Thus becoming your brand image, we help you with an aesthetic website, reflecting your values ​​and meeting the technical requirements of the web (SEO, etc.) and search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). Once the B2B or B2C website is built, it will be important to communicate well on social networks, in your emails, advertisements, etc.
Our sites can be connected to the main social networks and emailing and advertising solutions. Huggii will help you build the ideal tool to make yourself visible and attractive to your target audience and thus develop your business.

Your site brings you customers

Your business is visible on the web

Thanks to a site design integrating SEO techniques and the performance rules required by search engines, you will naturally develop your online visibility .
Our developers, trained in the latest SEO techniques and rapid and optimized site construction, meet current web requirements.

Your offer and your products are highlighted

Whether B2B or B2C, we create your site to develop the visibility of your offer to your target customer. We build and configure your product sheets to maximize their visibility in search engines, with optimization adapted to your B2B or B2C target, thus making their presence on Google Shopping possible.
For companies working only in B2B, we personalize the display according to your needs: secure access to the catalog, display of prices only for your connected customers, different offer depending on the customer or the country...

Develop your visibility with social networks, emailing…

After you build the perfect website, communicate it effectively. With Shopify , easily communicate your offer on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) or through advertising (Google Ads, emailing, etc.).
Many solutions are available to you, depending on your budget and your target , whether B2B or B2C.

The international market at your fingertips, easily and quickly!

Develop your business internationally thanks to your website designed for an international clientele .
Easily build a multilingual site to meet your customers' needs and increase your market share.
Quickly adapt your site according to the country or region, with a different offer, graphics, language, payment methods and logistics depending on the country.

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