HUGGII Partner

Ankle connector and partner web agency Kaeliips

As a partner publisher of Kaeliips, software specializing in management for the meat industry, Huggii offers a unique and targeted solution to its customers. This strategic partnership allows us to combine our expertise in the development of tailor-made websites with the specific management capabilities of Kaeliips.

Thanks to this collaboration, players in the meat sector , whether B2B or B2C, benefit from an integrated solution to expand their online business, optimize their time management and efficiently administer all their operations.

To meet these specific needs, Huggii has designed a tailor-made connector , allowing fluid communication between your website, online store or order portal, and the Kaeliips management system. This connector facilitates the transfer and synchronization of your essential data such as products, customer information, orders, and many other crucial aspects for meat professionals.

Connecting to your Kaeliips software package

Automated import

Automatic updating of your product catalog (designation, weight, stock, price and characteristics) on your E-shop from your Gandon IT software package.

Automated export

  • Sending orders placed by your customers from your E-shop directly to your Software Package.
  • Online ordering by your sales representatives in the field by telephone, tablet or PC with customer prices


Automatic customer recovery from your account with creation of an account on your E-shop.


Display of prices and tours according to the customer.

Ease of use

You simplify your life and gain ease of use since all your information from the Cheville Software can be simply transferred to your B2B and/or B2C E-shop thanks to the connection

Do you want to develop and simplify the sale of your products to professional or individual customers?

The specialist in software packages and solutions for the meat trade and slaughterhouses!

Kaeliips, formerly Gandon Informatique, supports you in all your commercial processes and management solutions in the meat industry. Located in Laval, the Kaeliips team can advise you on the best processes, ERP and software packages in the field of meat trading and cutting.

Discover this solution developed specifically for meat trading and used by two numerous meat traders

  • Interface for the slaughterhouse
  • Reading carcass labels
  • entry of purchasing entries and customer orders
  • editions of management documents (delivery notes, etc.)
  • workshop management

Discover this solution developed specifically for slaughterhouses and recognized on the market for its efficiency and reliability by two numerous slaughterhouses throughout France.

  • Creation of products and origins
  • Edition of tax weighing tickets and ESB label
  • Monitoring customer payments
  • Tonnage statistics
  • Billing