Sell ​​to works councils more simply thanks to E-Commerce

by Elliot Infelta on Mar 29, 2021

Since January 1, 2020, the three bodies (staff representatives, works council, and health, safety and working conditions committee) have been replaced by one: the CSE. CSE For : Social and Economic Committee . If you want sell to works councils , making contact with this body can sometimes prove complex.

Even more so with the current crisis which imposes very restrictive restrictions. However, this can be a very important source of commercial development for your company.

Indeed, by successfully entering your company through the CSE, you benefit from better visibility because the CSE will communicate your offer to employees. Some CSEs can represent a very large number of potential customers: up to several tens of thousands for some!

So let's find out together how to build relationships with CSEs and make them grow.

Establish partnerships with CSEs

Partnership with CSEs

The first step for sell to the EC is to list these. For example, you can list companies with more than 50 employees around your location (or even further). Then refine your list by only keeping the works councils that are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Once this first crucial step is done, you will need contact the CSEs . You can use the traditional but still effective method of “phoning”. In other words: telephone prospecting. Do not hesitate to insist and repeat your calls in the event of refusal. You can also meet them at the various works council fairs organized throughout France (outside the COVID period of course).

Once the appointment has been obtained, it is very important that you adapt your product offering and your price list according to the CSE met. In fact, the sales to works councils implies great flexibility on your part in order to be able to build a tailor-made offer .

Remember that your contacts are not dedicated customers or even professional buyers. Very often, these are ordinary employees who take care of CSE in addition to their usual missions. This is why it is essential to make their task as easy as possible, and make it as simple and quick as possible.

Finally, once you have signed to sell your products to a works council, don't forget to maintain the commercial relationship. This involves regular and interesting contacts for the CSE. To do this, consider carrying out marketing actions regular emails such as emails for example.

Why should we simplify sales to works councils?

I think you will have understood, relationships with CSEs can be complex for various reasons:

  • They manage a lot of offers so cannot always give you time
  • Are in high demand
  • Have small teams and busy with other tasks
  • The Covid-19 epidemic no longer allows you to meet them at the CSE exhibitions or in their offices
  • It is no longer possible to present your products directly in companies or trade fairs
  • We must be able to give them a turnkey offer that is easy to communicate
  • You must adapt your price list according to each
  • You must maintain your commercial relationships with regular marketing actions.
process simplification

Once you have successfully passed the crucial stage of selection with the CSE, you can now sell your products/services to employees. To do this, you can opt for the classic method: distribution of the offer by flyers, posters, or even e-mail to employees. But honestly, this method, although still very widespread, is not very effective and complicated for everyone. The CSEs are no longer really interested in this type of system and wish to further simplify sales to employees.

If you manage to relieve them of their role as sales intermediary to employees, your chances of successfully selling to works councils increase considerably.

How would you tell me? Thanks to the online sale !

Digitize sales to works councils

Digital transformation of sales to works councils
Digitalization of the sales process is a key success factor

In order to simplify the tripartite relationship imposed by selling to works councils (suppliers – CSE – employees), E-Commerce seems to be the perfect option.

For this, several solutions exist:

  • The order is placed directly on the supplier's website. The latter can be personalized or not (products and prices) depending on the connected user. The sale is then entirely managed by the supplier (order taking, preparation, shipping).
  • The CSE has its own e-commerce site powered by members of the works council. Order taking is then simplified, but preparation and shipping are still managed by the CSE.

The simplest solution and most appreciated by the CSE and employees is the following:

Each employee can create an account on the e-commerce site with a code specific to their company. Thus, he accesses the rates negotiated by its CSE . But also specific delivery possibilities (such as being delivered directly to the CSE or to a relay point).

At Huggii, we know that selling to works councils represents a major business challenge, but that there are many obstacles. This is why we developed a sales solution between professionals . The latter perfectly meets the challenges of selling to CSEs. Thus, it is possible to create specific offers reserved for employees of a company in order to control the budget of the CSE in question.

By digitalizing your offer to the CSEs and by using the right tools, you will be able to:

  • save time in your commercial management,
  • reach more employees,
  • make your products known and thus develop your sales easily and quickly.

In addition, selling to CSEs via an E-Commerce site allows you to reach employees no longer only for short periods (Christmas, Easter, etc.), but throughout the year