What are the points to take into account to succeed in professional sales?

by Elliot Infelta on Apr 13, 2021

B2B e-commerce has continued to gain space on the market in recent years. But there are certain specificities to know before launching into this market! CoMarketing then listed 10 key points to consider in B2B e-commerce.

Personalized catalog management

Among these points, we can cite the most important: personalized catalog management! In fact, these features will allow you to create a product catalog according to several characteristics: commercial units, individual customers or even the type of company that will order from your site. This professional sales function makes life much easier for your customers to purchase your products because you will be able to personalize your customer's catalog based on these identifiers.

Business account management

Another important point to take into account in sales between professionals : management of corporate accounts! Personalization in B2B is very important. A professional account can have several users with different roles and rights in the company. With this feature, buyers will be able to configure their account and define their purchasing rule. In addition, business account management will allow you to prioritize your customers more easily.

Multiple prices

Third key point in B2B e-commerce: the importance of creating price groups according to the customer and personalized prices for the customer. Indeed, very often, in selling between professionals , managing prices can be complex. These prices often depend on purchase volume, discounts or even purchase frequency. In addition, if you have business rules specific to your activity, the rate will also be calculated dynamically. It is therefore possible to create multiple price lists based on the customers or businesses who order on your site. But we must be careful about the complexity of these lists. Indeed, creating an unlimited number of lists can be restrictive for your business. It will then be important to use an appropriate B2B e-commerce solution!

There are many other important points to take into account in B2B e-commerce: controlling access, the content management system, the creation of multiple shopping lists, segmentation and personalized reporting or even the creation of personalized workflows…

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