What is the price of a b2b e-commerce site?

by Elliot Infelta on Feb 23, 2021

Are you a professional in the B2B sector and want to develop your online sales activity? For this you need an e-commerce site, but not only that. Indeed, B2B commerce has its specificities, and your e-commerce site must take this into account. A website intended for sale to individuals often does not require the same level of customization as a site for selling to professionals, businesses, CSEs or works councils.

But then, what is the price of a B2B e-commerce site? Is it more expensive and more complicated than a traditional e-commerce site? In reality, it all depends on your needs. Establishing precise specifications in advance will surely save you from many disappointments both at a functional and budgetary level.

The price of an e-commerce site depends on the solution used

The budget for a B2B site varies enormously depending on the solution chosen. In the remainder of this article, we will develop three scenarios: when you delegate the creation of your B2B site to a professional (an agency for example); when you create the site yourself, and when you use a SAS solution.

Go through an agency to create a tailor-made e-commerce site

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The first solution and perhaps the easiest to access, consists of delegating the creation of your site to a external service provider to your company. This could be a web development agency or a freelancer for example. For small businesses that do not have internal human resources, creating your B2B website with an agency has the advantage of being able to delegate this technical part to concentrate on the heart of your business: sales. However, you must take into consideration that the price of a B2B e-commerce site developed by an agency is the highest of the three cases studied.

When you decide to use an agency to create your e-commerce site, you must be aware that you still need to make time for this project. Indeed, delegating does not mean that you do not have to do anything. The success of the project will undoubtedly depend on your level of involvement in:

  • the production of specifications,
  • your exchanges with service providers concerning the functionalities, the technology used or even the design,
  • The “recipetage”. By that, mean tracking down bugs or malfunctions, or features forgotten in the initial specifications.

In summary, creating a tailor-made B2B e-commerce site with an agency has two disadvantages: the price and the outsourcing of the project. On the other hand, this has the advantage of working with experts, provided you choose your service provider carefully.

Price : count between 10,000 and 100,000 euros depending on the service provider and the level of functionality requested.

Create a B2B e-commerce site yourself

The woocomerce B2B e-commerce platform
The Woo Commerce module allows you to transform a WordPress site into an e-commerce site

The second way to create your professional sales site is to do it yourself. Rest assured, you don't have to learn various computer languages ​​for weeks to achieve this. In fact, today there are many solutions that make it possible to create an e-commerce site yourself , without having the slightest knowledge of web development. We call these solutions E-Commerce CMS (Content Management System). Among all the existing E-Commerce CMS, several names known to the general public stand out: Prestashop, WordPress and Woo Commerce, Shopify and even Magento.

That is not the subject, but if you plan to create your e-commerce site yourself, I invite you to find out more about the different CMS, their complexity and functionalities in order to choose the one that will be best suited to your activity.

The big advantage is that the price of a B2B e-commerce site made yourself is close to 0€. Indeed, most CMS are free. On the other hand, the cost is transferred to the time spent by you or your teams designing the site in question. Finally, if certain functionalities necessary for your activity are not included in the CMS, you will probably have to purchase a plugin or have this developed separately.

Price-wise, count between 10,000 and 50,000 euros depending on the level of complexity desired and the time spent.

Ultimately, design a B2B e-commerce site doing it yourself has the advantage of reducing costs and keeping the project in-house. On the other hand, it is necessary to master the different tools and have time to invest.

You use a SaaS type solution

The cocoa counter website
An e-commerce site created with the Huggii SaaS solution

The third possibility for creating your B2B e-commerce site is to use a solution SaaS (Software as a System). This type of solution allows you to set up an e-commerce site adapted to your business very quickly and at lower cost. Indeed, the different SaaS platforms on the market are based on a common and already pre-developed base, on top of which you add your design and your products.

The average price varies between 1000 and 15000€ per year. The cost may vary depending on the level of customization desired and the solution costs which may include:

  • A subscription according to the level of service,
  • Commissions on turnover,
  • Options,
  • A training and/or installation cost.

Often, these solutions have the advantage of being better adapted to the online sales between professionals and its specificities. Indeed, certain providers like Huggii have developed SaaS platforms specifically designed for B2B e-commerce. Thus, the price of a B2B e-commerce site is considerably reduced compared to custom development, and you don't have to do anything. In addition, the Huggii solution already integrates hosting, maintenance and security.

Keep in mind that the site does not ultimately belong to you. In fact, the latter is hosted by the service provider via its own infrastructures. It is therefore technically not possible to retrieve the code to host the site elsewhere.

Additional costs for creating the site to take into account

Finally, be aware that the price of a B2B e-commerce site, whatever the option chosen, does not include many additional costs. Indeed, most of the time (except for SaaS solutions), the price of web hosting and the domain name is not included. Depending on the number of visitors, the price of accommodation can vary from a few euros to several hundred euros per month.

Also, since we are talking about visitors, the cost of acquiring traffic is also to be taken into consideration. within your budget.

Unless your B2B site only serves your existing customers, if you want to acquire traffic you will have to invest in paid advertising (SEA) or natural referencing (SEO).

Finally, if you need to connect your site to your ERP, logistics partner or even your bank, again additional costs are to be expected.

Without wanting to favor one scenario among the others, know that the SaaS solution is best suited for professional sales sites. Indeed, at Huggii for example, we start with a subscription which includes hosting, security, support and setup costs which vary according to specific needs. In addition, the time it takes to make your e-commerce site available can be reduced to just a few days.