Why Huggii and not Hugi or Huggi?

by Elliot Infelta on Apr 20, 2021

Why is it called Huggii?

Where does the name HUGGII come from? Why we chose to be called Huggii and not Hugi or Huggi or even Huggy?

You may be wondering why our company is named Huggii? Let’s take a quick look! The name of the company comes from the famous character of the flagship series Starsky & Hutsh: Huggy, known as Huggy the good tips! This character regularly gave good advice and tips to solve problems in the series.

At Huggii, we have adopted the same attitude. We guarantee you the best for your business and we are IT and commercial pipe connectors! With Huggii and not Huggi or Hugi , you are sure to develop your b2b e-commerce activity!

In English, “Huggy” refers to an attitude of proximity, wanting to be close to people. A company on a human scale, Huggii and not Hugi or Huggi it is a team that wants to establish a certain bond with its customers who will support you from A to Z on your e-commerce project while looking for the solution best suited to the functioning of the company.

Huggii is convinced that digital and E-commerce must be simple tools to implement for all companies and in particular for distributors, producers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

For your general knowledge, the name of Hugi is known to be the name of a Swiss football player and a geologist. Huggi as for it does not refer to any jump word if we add an “es” and in this case you will come across the famous diaper brand Huggies. Above all, don't make a mistake! We see a lot of people writing “ Huggi, Hugi or even Huggy » NO! We are Huggii: two Gs and two Is!

Plus, they are less friendly and welcoming than us, so it’s better not to make a mistake when searching… 😉. Fortunately if you type in Hugi.fr or huggi.fr you should have a good chance of coming across our site.