Why and how to create your B2B E-Commerce site?

by Guillaume client BEGHIN on May 29, 2020

Are you a professional and sell B2B? Then you are probably one of the 9 out of 10 professional sales companies that still do not sell online.

The digitalization of orders within a company is often perceived by managers as a constraint, but also and above all as a technical project that is too heavy to carry out and too expensive. And rightly so, since if we go back just ten years, digitizing your catalog often meant having to create an e-commerce site from scratch. Website creation agencies sold these complex services at a high price and companies often gave up.

But that was ten years ago! Today, creating your B2B e-commerce site is no longer as long, expensive and complex. There are several different, less expensive and simpler solutions. Let's see why you should seriously consider it, and how to do it.

Why create a B2B E-Commerce site?

Firstly, creating an online sales site allows you to increase your visibility on the internet, and therefore your visibility in general. Secondly, it allows you to record an increase in the number of its customers. Finally, allowing them to order online increases the frequency of their purchases. For what ? For the simple reason that the ordering process is then greatly simplified. And this simplification results in several advantages:

  • Save time for your customer
  • Reduction in time spent by your company taking orders
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Possibility of presenting targeted cross-selling according to customers and therefore increasing the average basket
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So of course, we have to go through the transformation and change of habits box. But the game is worth the effort, and it is not very complicated to implement thanks to the many existing solutions.

E-commerce in a few figures!

Are you still not convinced of the importance of creating a B2B e-commerce site for your professional sales activity? Let yourself be convinced by these few figures:

  • Almost 200,000 e-commerce sites in France at the start of 2020
  • The latter carried out almost 100 billion euros of turnover in 2019
  • 407 million transactions in the 1st quarter of 2019. 50 transactions per second.
  • +11% : increase in internet sales in one year
  • and above all +16%: the increase in the number of e-commerce sites in one year.

And here is a little B2B focus infographic to drive the point home 😉

So believe it or not, but the digitalization of the world has been underway for a long time. There are only a few B2C players who can still afford not to sell online. And the B2B revolution has already started: it is therefore the ideal time to create your B2B e-commerce site to take advantage of this opportunity.

When to get started?

Honestly ? Yesterday. More seriously ? From today ! We know it's never the ideal time, but there's no point in waiting. Many of your competitors have already done this or are in the process of doing so. Can you imagine to what extent B2C companies who missed the e-commerce shift 15 years ago are still struggling today. This is the case of 3 Suisses for example, or even of La Redoute which is struggling to catch up with the e-commerce giants despite colossal investments.

In addition, the age of an e-commerce site is an important factor for Google's algorithm. Your ranking in search results compared to your competitors will be partly influenced by the age of your site .

Does Domain Age or Expire Date Effect My Website Ranking | Grow...

Finally, it's never too early to get started because the information you collect about your customers now is a gold mine for tomorrow. Having a B2B e-commerce site allows you to carefully measure the purchasing behavior of your professional customers and adapt your commercial and marketing strategy accordingly .

Two choices are available to you when creating your B2B e-commerce site

A B2B e-shop is by definition different from a B2C e-shop since the way of selling and communicating is different depending on whether your customer is an individual or a professional.

The first possibility is to look at SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions . These allow you to quickly build a turnkey B2B e-commerce site. This solution has the advantage of having a very secure, scalable and easily maintainable technical base.

SaaS solutions allow companies wishing to embark on the digitalization of their order process to not have to manage anything themselves. The functionalities offered by this type of turnkey B2B e-commerce site are intended for B2B operation, and the design of the site adapts as far as possible to the graphic charter of your company.

The big strong point of the SaaS solution like Shopify is that it can be deployed very quickly , with a limited investment of time and money. In fact, the very foundation of the solution is already built, only the finishing touches specific to your business still need to be integrated.

The second possibility consists of turning to an open source solution as there are many on the internet. To put it simply, you retrieve the royalty-free source code from a solution such as Prestashop, or Woo commerce, and come and build your B2B e-commerce site from scratch.

This second solution can present a definite advantage for companies with such specific needs that turnkey bases (SaaS solutions) are then not suitable. However, you should keep in mind that these consume more time and money if you are not familiar with them, and that maintainability and security can sometimes pose problems.

To deploy an open source e-commerce solution, you have 3 ways to do it:

  • You do everything yourself: it requires time and technical knowledge (in computer languages: very often PHP + HTML/CSS)
  • You are using an independent/freelancer: easy to find thanks to the numerous connection platforms that exist on the internet. The prices are more affordable than an agency, but your entire project then rests on one and the same person. What about maintenance and debugging in the event of a technical problem in the future, several months or even several years later?
  • You use a web agency: this is the most expensive solution but which often ensures long-term maintenance. Remember to check the specific areas of expertise of your contacts because not all web agencies have the same resources.

How does Huggii support you in creating your B2B E-Commerce site?

At Huggii, we are committed to ensuring that you focus on the heart of your business: sales. And we on ours: the creation of B2B e-commerce sites. We designed Huggii with the aim of offering professional solutions that are simple and quick to implement.

We create your B2B e-commerce site in SaaS by collecting all the information we need about your products. We then create a B2B e-shop in your image , according to your graphic charter. Finally, we connect our solution to your IT tools so that your habits remain the same. We digitalize your business by adapting to you .

Finally, we take care of introducing all of your employees to how your new B2B purchasing platform works.

To find out more, contact us for a demonstration of our solution!