Why has having a B2B e-commerce site become essential?

by Elliot Infelta on Jun 10, 2021

Setting up a B2B merchant site is an ideal solution for you professionals who are looking for a digital tool allowing you to facilitate and optimize your exchanges between your different customers. Thanks to this, make your offer easily visible to your customers, who will surely appreciate this method of exchange , which is easier to access via a specially designed b2b site . But also, manage sales in one click, that is to say, catalogs, delivery methods, promotions depending on the customer you are dealing with.

If you feel discouraged or are a beginner, rest assured that b2b e-commerce platforms offer to support you step by step in building a b2b site that reflects your business. Get started today, no need to wait, it's the ideal time for b2b online sales.

Is a b2b e-commerce site suitable for my business?

You are right to ask yourself this question, the answer is yes, whether you are an artisan, wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer or producer. It has become quick and easy to deploy a B2B site to improve the performance of your business.

On the one hand, this will allow you to create an intuitive, personalized customer experience, appreciated by them and especially new generations of buyers who are “digital natives”. By this, we mean that you can inform your buyers, for example, of the prices, models, colors and other particularities of your products or services without going through countless exchanges of emails, telephone calls, etc. That's not all, your Customers will be able to easily consult personalized catalogs meeting their needs with information regarding logistics, prices and other essential information. This will allow you to sell to your customers in an ergonomic way and improve your commercial management.

On the other hand, setting up a b2b merchant site will be of great help to you in managing your orders and quotes regardless of the sector of activity, during prospecting visits. Because, using your computer or other digital tools, you will be able to present your products, and also place orders with your customers with a simple click. This is an ideal feature when placing a first order because the customer will be able to be accompanied by a salesperson and ask questions in order to get used to this practice.

Finally, avoid being surprised by stock shortages, you are guaranteed to be informed in real time of the availability or not of your products. When necessary, you will be able to offer a pre-order service to your customers.

Who could my customers expect from my B2B e-commerce site?

Purchasing behaviors are different compared to those of B2C customers (individual consumer), because a customer of a B2B site (professional, business) very rarely buys out of simple impulsiveness but on the contrary favors rationality and analysis of information. This is explained by collective decision-making involving several actors or services depending on the areas of activity, accounting, communication, marketing etc. In order to facilitate the exchange of information, your btob site will be of great help where it You will be asked to provide specific delivery details, prices, after-sales service and other essential information. The goal is for the entire decision-making chain to have all the information at hand without going through time-consuming mailing and phoning.

But also, in the case where you manage to conclude a contract with a B2B client, this also results in the establishment of a long-term relationship, with order volumes of interesting advantages compared to B2C customers. In short, your customers will be able to facilitate their purchases through your e-commerce platform.

Who can help me create my b2b e-commerce site?

Many software and e-commerce solutions exist, to name only the best known, you can find CMS like Prestashop, Woocommerce or Shopify. These will allow you to create your online store, a dropshipping site, b2b e-commerce site or even your b2b merchant site. However, these are not turnkey solutions, in fact, you will need certain technical knowledge and technical support for certain parts if you want specific functionalities related to your business. Because from the moment your b2b site is hosted, this includes, among other things, the act of ensuring and putting your website online, and the domain name created, connected to your ERP, CRM, you will be asked to manage all of this. Added to this, an often high price for a technical assistant that is difficult and not very easy to use. Support from a web agency or a freelance specialist on the subject of B2B e-commerce sites is therefore strongly recommended in this case.

The goal is not for you to become a web design maestro, developer or even web marketer overnight. This is why there is no need to look too far since at Huggii we are specialists in B2B e-commerce. Thanks to our expertise and a strong team made up of experienced salespeople and developers, we will take into consideration all your needs to create together a btob site that reflects your company. Rest assured, no knowledge is required to start your business on the internet. We will be able to set up an essential visual identity as an e-retailer, design a digital strategy, create communication materials, product sheets and catalogs and other essential tools in order to design a site. b2b merchant for you.

You may be wondering how we can achieve all this, start now by making an appointment and we will explain to you in the smallest details our process which has already won over dozens of companies across the world. France with our turnkey or tailor-made solutions.