Sales: a good time to boost your B2B sales

by Elliot Infelta on Jun 12, 2020

Sales appeared in the middle of the 19th century with the rise of department stores and the multiplication of sales methods. This leads to a sharp increase in the number of unsold items and therefore the need to find a way to sell them. This is how the Sales were born! 

They mark a key period for most traders. The stakes are enormous since Sales represent no less than 22% of the annual turnover of French retailers . And this figure can go up to 38% for certain sectors such as clothing.

You will have understood, there is no question of missing this essential biannual meeting which allows you to liquidate your stocks and build up cash flow to finance the new collection.

This sales period is also marked by a slow but very established lack of interest on the part of consumers year after year. The multiplicity of floating sales (Black Friday, private sales, etc.) reinforces the idea that consumers have that “ we no longer know what the right price is ”.

The postponement of the date of the Sales to July 15 this year due to the coronavirus crisis, and the reduction in the duration from 6 to 4 weeks nevertheless offer French retailers the opportunity to win back the hearts of customers, in need of consumption. lately.

B2B merchant: why you should not underestimate Sales

Many companies that sell B2B tend to underestimate Sales, seeing this period as a business opportunity reserved for B2C merchants. Wrongly. Indeed, the two annual sales periods create a purchasing frenzy among consumers, whoever they may be.

And, we must not forget that your professional customers are above all consumers like any other. For several weeks during the sales period, they are, like everyone else, bludgeoned by advertisements which create, whether we like it or not, a real desire (or even need) to consume, to buy.

So, if you take advantage of the Sales period to offer your customers attractive commercial offers, your chances of closing will be much greater . If you have salespeople, take advantage of these few weeks to strengthen their motivation by setting up challenges. Step by step, here's how to take advantage of this commercial frenzy:

Boost your sales team

Illustration of a salesperson

During the sales period, it is important to instill a sense of confidence in your salespeople. You must convince your sales team that the Sales are a pivotal period for the company's business. If your salespeople firmly believe that Sales will increase their sales, then they will close more deals. As long as you don't motivate them only by words...

Indeed, for the equation to work you will need to set up challenges. Firstly, individual challenges to boost your salespeople individually, but also collective challenges to establish team cohesion.

Collective challenges are used to involve and motivate the least efficient members of the team over time. There is no question of letting an employee become demotivated when they see that the individual objective will never be achieved, because the gap created with others is already too great.

You can also increase premiums and bonuses during the sales period. Why offer benefits to your customers and not your employees? One cannot be without the other, especially in B2B . 

Finally, consider setting up clear and regular monitoring of the achievement of objectives. You must be transparent, honest, and above all put in place progressive and achievable levels. Indeed, the establishment of levels makes it possible to maintain the motivation of the teams over the weeks thanks to the regular achievement of certain objectives and therefore advantages.

Adapt your commercial offer to encourage your customers to purchase

Beyond motivating your salespeople to achieve their objectives, you must also motivate your customers to consume at your home during sales, and if possible to consume more . Adapt your commercial offer accordingly to increase your sales and get your business off the ground.

But also and above all, adapt your commercial offer according to the objectives of your company: stock flow, winning new customers, retaining your current customers, etc.

It's up to you to find the magic recipe to match your customers' expectations with your business objectives.

The postponement of the 2020 summer sales gives you a card to play

This year, the Summer Sales are postponed until July 15, 2020 to give retailers time to turn around and adapt to the coronavirus crisis that has hit the world.

The latter wanted this postponement because they feared that the French would postpone their visit to the stores until June 24, instead of returning as soon as the businesses reopened. The government has heard them: this summer, the sales will take place from July 15 to August 11 .

Do you sell B2B and don't usually take advantage of this sales period to boost your sales? This report gives you a card to play. Even more than in previous years, your business probably needs to make up for the turnover lost in recent months. And the coronavirus crisis, which forced many businesses to shut down for more than two months, is forcing them to make up for lost time , like you!

Are you convinced that this sales period can benefit you? So this postponement of the Sales gives you time to think about the commercial strategy that you are going to put in place to take advantage of the 2020 Summer Sales. You have no less than 4 weeks left to put together an action plan ;) .

Speaking of which: What if this action plan included online sales?!

E-Commerce + Sales period = the winning combo!

If you had to remember only two numbers from this article, they would be these:

  • 84% of French people buy online (2000€/year/person on average)
  • Every year, the number of French e-commerce sites increases by +22,000

If we put this data in parallel with the share of annual turnover represented by Sales, you will understand the need for any company that sells products to have an e-commerce site.

Likewise, with the current epidemic, your salespeople may be more likely to prospect and deal with your current customers remotely. Having an online sales site then makes customer relations and order taking easier , both for your customer and for you and your teams.

Attendance at physical stores during sales periods drops by 10% each year, while attendance at e-commerce sites during the same period increases by 10%. Proof of this is that despite a growing lack of interest among French people in sales, online sales help preserve commercial interest of this strong period.

Finally, as you know, the sales period causes a phenomenon of urgency among customers . The offers are ephemeral and aggressive, so customers take less time to think and leave more room for compulsive purchasing behavior.

In B2B, things are hardly different. Your customers are above all normal consumers, who adopt the same reflexes as you and me. Thus, having an e-commerce site allows you to be able to offer your offer everywhere, all the time and more simply, and thus more easily trigger the purchasing intention .

Huggii can help you create your e-commerce site

The Huggii solution

Creating an e-commerce site is often perceived as a heavy , complex and expensive task . However, it should not be seen in this way since e-commerce allows, when done well, to grow your business and therefore save you money and time .

This is exactly why we created Huggii . We believe that e-commerce should make your life easier before being a source of anxiety. Thus, we offer to support you in the creation of a turnkey B2B e-commerce site or e-shop, in your image, by taking care of importing your entire product catalog! Practical, isn't it?