The figure for the month of December 2021

by Elliot Infelta on Dec 20, 2021

Today we present to you the number of the month! The one you shouldn't miss in the B2B sector

Curious to find out?

According to a recent study carried out by the parcel/mail transport company DHL, b2b e-commerce is likely to experience a  growth of 70% by 2027. Partly explained by globalization and new consumer trends, companies continue to produce and sell on large scales with increasingly advanced supply chain techniques.

Thus, B2B e-commerce platforms play a vital role in helping businesses access remote areas, enabling them to use partners and do business across the globe.

Finally, keep in mind that supply chain and b2b e-commerce go hand in hand, we see that new means of delivery and logistics organization make it possible to deliver ever more types of product, ever further and faster. like frozen products even when you are a small business. The conjunction of these two areas allows you to grow even more, whether you are a small or large company.

This explains, among other things, the positive forecasts for the growth of b2b e-commerce for the years to come.