Is my B2B e-commerce site up to date?

by Elliot Infelta on Jan 24, 2022

More than 90% of B2B buyers first consult a company's information on the internet before placing an order. Indeed, the latter analyze your data on the internet in detail but also and above all your merchant site, it is therefore from the latter that B2B buyers rely on whether or not to conclude a contract.

Furthermore, keep in mind that having a site b2b e-commerce is the beaba but is not enough to attract new customers if it is not optimized, referenced and arranged for the needs of your customers. As you will have understood, today's subject does not concern the creation of a merchant site, eshop or other but rather the maintenance and the care you take to update it regularly to satisfy your customers.

For you professionals, we know how crucial it is for you to ensure the growth of your activities and to make your know-how known to many people. So, we suggest that we go over together the different means that you can easily implement in order to keep your b2b site optimal.

Before we begin, let's review together the different types of websites that we will talk about in this article so that you can understand our reasoning. Indeed, let's start with a brief presentation of the showcase site, generally used by professionals. The latter simply and effectively captures the digital world, it allows you to secure your online presence while enhancing and controlling your brand image.

Usually, we will find basic information about the company (presentation, quote, contact details) on the showcase site. In other words, it must answer the fundamental questions of your Internet users: who, what, where, how? This type of site is generally static, but can be animated with a news section, or enriched with a blog. This will allow you to share your new products with your customers.

The Portal Site is a web portal allowing you to secure information accessible after identification of your Internet users. The latter allows you to create several private accesses from a single interface. Many companies now use this type of b2b e-commerce site. In particular, it allows Internet users to follow your brand's offers by creating their affiliate accounts. It is also widely used by online banks.

The portal is therefore perfectly suited to the creation of a BtoB customer area, particularly when it includes the possibility of downloading documents (feedback, exchange of information on the project, etc.). So, in some cases , track your orders, manage your stock flow and centralize all your digital paperwork.

Finally, we present the site to you b2b e-commerce , the ideal solution if you want to sell your products or services online and want to offer Internet users the possibility of ordering and paying via your website. It is therefore an online store, accessible 24/7! You certainly know them: Ebay and Amazon, for example, are two very well known ones. This type of site b2b e-commerce tends to spread widely on the web. So, you will need to establish a clear marketing strategy and thoroughly optimize your website to differentiate yourself.

However, if you sell goods and not services, this support will give you a better chance of maximizing your sales. After having seen together what types of website were possible for professionals (apart from the three types of websites mentioned, you will also find sites: portfolio, editorial site, event site, etc.)

We are able to ask ourselves if your current merchant site meets today's standards and if so, which ones?

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What should a b2b e-commerce site include these days?


An offer that suits your audience

Although this may seem logical to many of you, it nevertheless remains a very important prerequisite that you cannot neglect. Indeed, there is nothing more destabilizing for a person visiting a website than not feeling concerned, challenged by an offer that suits them. By this, we mean the idea that you absolutely must target precisely the type of customer you want to attract through your e-commerce site, in this case, do not hesitate to literally draw up a persona with as much description as possible (age, gender, profession, purchasing power, location, etc.),

So, if you did not previously meet this criterion, you will have a point of reference and will know how to guide your communication, advertising and overall your marketing around your B2B customers.

Extensive SEO and optimization

Indeed, many professionals agree that it is necessary or even essential for them to work on their SEO/SEA references very regularly so that the Google algorithm can move their companies up in the dedicated search bars. In this case, ask yourself if your website is indeed optimized to respect SEO measures? Have you designed a semantic cocoon made up of certain keywords that you want to optimize in order to be displayed in the first pages of Google?

Furthermore, here is a small overview of the elements that are important for you to include in your e-commerce sites in terms of SEO:

  • A semantic cocoon in line with your activity ( Google Adwords )
  • optimized and attractive SERPs (form found on Google pages)
  • Optimized HTML and H1/H2, H3, etc. tags
  • A quick-loading site
  • etc.

Improve page ranking

For your b2b website to be well referenced, it is not only enough to have a well-configured site, you will also have to bring your customers and prospects there, otherwise Google and other search engines will believe that your site is not not interesting for them. To do this, you will need to communicate the arrival of your website to as many people as possible to generate traffic.

In some industries where online marketing faces fierce competition, your b2b site may not be enough to appear on the most important first page of search results. So, if you don't optimize these elements, it's very likely that your b2b site won't be found in searches other than your brand or company name.

Focus on qualitative content rather than quantitative

As explained previously, for your merchant site to be regularly consulted, you must make it attractive and to do so, writing written or audiovisual content may be a first choice solution for you.

Especially, when we learn that more than  60% of clicks are made on only the first 3 results appeared on Google , you cannot afford to miss the boat and invest considerably in this type of strategy.

In this case, do not hesitate to create creative writing to significantly stand out from your competitors, through the pages of your b2b site. Thus, your customers will feel closer to you and will be attached to your business and therefore a higher propensity to buy your products will occur.

To go further: Find all the elements not to be missed to better optimize your e-commerce site:

In case you do not feel comfortable with all this information and perhaps wish to outsource the management of your b2b site to a professional, it is entirely possible.

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What solutions should I put in place to optimize my b2b merchant/e-commerce site?

To optimize your b2b e-commerce site or webshop, you must carefully study the needs of your customers in terms of functionality and your own needs in order to save time in your management. The features are numerous but the main one must be that ordering your products must be simple and efficient. To do this, setting up order “replay” functionalities or a powerful search engine is essential to simplify the ordering and replenishment of your products.

To do this, depending on the technical solutions used, you will first need to study the budget that you are prepared to allocate. In fact, many solutions exist which cost more or less expensive depending on your budget.

For example, you can call on external service providers to take care of putting your current website in order so that it can meet the requirements of the client and Google or do it yourself but this requires technical knowledge and time for IT development and maintenance of the webshop or b2b site.

Free solutions for analyzing your btob site are available online, for example for the responsive part of your site, Google's search console, to name just one.