How to sell to CSEs?

by Guillaume client BEGHIN on Jul 19, 2021
Under the “Macron ordinance”, since January 2018 all legal bodies such as works councils (CE), health, safety and working conditions committee ( CHSCT) and staff delegates (DP) have been deleted and replaced by a new body called “Social and Economic Committee” (CSE).

The aim, according to this directive, is to simplify the representation of employees to their employers by centralizing the issues and the defense of the rights claimed by these same employees. However, this system only applies to companies with more than 11 employees.

In this case, the employee will be able to claim, with the help of the CSEs, more financial benefits thanks to the effect of group purchasing such as cultural activities, their Christmas purchases, etc.

These benefits will be partly financed by the employer, namely:

  • For companies with 50 to 2000 employees: 0.20% of payroll
  • For companies with more than 2000 employees: 0.22% of payroll

So as a producer, manufacturer, wholesaler, reseller, trader or craftsman it could be interesting for you to approach this type of clientele in order to sell your products to the CSE.

If you are not yet convinced by the idea of ​​marketing your products and selling to CSEs, we therefore offer to explain to you step by step how to approach and work efficiently with them.

How is the CSE budget calculated?

Made up of elected officials chosen by employees, the latter are active within the CSE for a period of 2 years up to 4 years.

Following which, the company provides them with 18 to 34 hours per month to carry out their missions as well as a budget ranging from 0.20 to 0.22% of the payroll and usable to finance various projects (Acquisition of computer equipment, software, training and products).

The budget being one of the strong points of CSEs, if you want to quickly calculate it, here is an example:

Average gross salaries of employees in a sector

Example: The company TUTUR has 150 employees with an average salary of 1500 euros gross/month

CSE budget: 150 * 1500 * 12 * 0.20% = 5400 euros/month budget allocated to the CSE

Through this example you have therefore understood to what extent a CSE can have a high operating budget and potentially be able to buy your products or unlock a financial advantage for the sale of your products to the company's employees, the Sales to CSEs can generate significant turnover via a “single customer” visibility and centralize your orders. But of course each sale will be subject to fees or commission depending on the "marketplace" used, for example at Huggii we have a solution that allows this.

employees of a company in the middle of a meeting

CSEs are a real springboard for the commercial development of your company.

From the perspective that you would like to work and sell to the CSEs, know that one of the most difficult tasks will be to contact the latter, this is a phenomenon further accentuated by the health crisis current.

Regarding the commercial relationship, if you are a follower of the usual principle, that is to say distributing your offer by paper, poster or even by email, know that these are safe channels and complicated in terms of feedback and management for everyone, because the CSEs are no longer very interested in this type of system.

Therefore, we advise you to carry out in-depth work beforehand by targeting your contacts. Keep in mind that the larger the company you approach, the more contacts there will be within the CSE, often specialized in certain areas (one elected official will be responsible for purchasing travel offers and another for the leisure section offered by the company).

Then, do not hesitate to expand the offer that you submit to them by modifying variables such as price, design, functionalities etc... In addition, do not forget that you are addressing CSEs which implies that behind the CSEs find employees often with families and therefore different needs from a wholesaler, reseller or other.

Of course you will have to be able to make an attractive offer to make it happen. Depending on the CSE, they devote more or less budget to the remittance made to their employees or not at all.

If you manage to carry out these efforts, keep in mind that sales via the CSEs are a very important source of commercial development despite everything, because by entering via the CSE you benefit from better visibility because the CSE will communicate about your offer to of its employees and thus make your brand known…

In addition, the CSEs can represent up to 10,000 or even 20,000 potential customers for the largest CSEs, which would imply wide exposure of your products and visibility and therefore an increase in your sales.

Difficulties you may encounter when working with CSEs

Relations with CSEs can now be more complex for different reasons:

- They manage a lot of offers so cannot always give you time

- They are in high demand

- They have small teams

- Covid no longer allows you to meet them at CSE fairs or in their offices

- it is no longer possible to present its products directly in companies or trade fairs

- we must be able to give them a turnkey offer that is easy to communicate to sell to the CSEs.

person writing on their computer keyboard

Our advice and solutions for better order taking with CSEs and their employees

1- Management outsourced to an outsourced works council

First, keep in mind that in certain cases the CSE goes through sites in the form of a marketplace. Devices have been created such as WiiSmile which will allow you to reference your brand as a partner so that employees will be able to order your products at a preferential rate. This solution will allow you to gain visibility and centralize your orders. But of course each sale will be subject to fees or commission depending on the “marketplace” used.

2- Setting up your online ordering site to sell to CSEs and their employees

When the CSEs wanted to place an order on behalf of the company's employees, the old method of operation consisted of distributing the offer by paper or even by email. Thus, employees manually completed forms to submit to their CSE.

Complicated in terms of feedback and management for everyone, the CSEs are no longer very interested in this type of system. This is why CSEs are redirecting towards digital solutions, simpler and faster for better order taking:

  • The CSE has its own site in the form of a marketplace, this is possible, for example at Huggii we have a solution that allows it.
  • The order is made on the supplier's website directly with specific discounts or it can be the placing of a group order by the CSE manager.

To do this, each employee creates their account on the supplier's website with a specific company - CSE code to be able to access specific prices but also the possibility of specific delivery, such as being delivered directly to the CSE or relay point.

All this is possible with sites created tailor-made to sell to CSEs , B2B B2C e-commerce sites, with different settings that can be made according to the CSE and its needs as for our Connection Creator client.

By digitalizing your offer to CSEs and using the right tools you will be able to save time in your commercial management, reach more employees, make your products known and thus develop your sales easily and quickly and no longer only during given periods but throughout of the year.