How to succeed in your b2b communication in the face of digital?

by Elliot Infelta on Jul 01, 2021

Now, the time is digital and this necessarily involves means of communication which are becoming more digital. As a result, you can no longer ignore the fact that your customers will ask you to be present on social networks and to have a b2b site where they can contact you. This explains why the French expect more interactions from brands than with their loved ones according to a recent study by Twilio , the lack of responsiveness on the part of companies causes 64% of French people to have a bad image of the brand. Please note, this number rises to 73% among 25-34 year olds.

In short, you have understood it well, if you want to attract new customers you should build the most efficient b2b or b2c communication strategy possible. This is why we invite you to discover together what parameters must be taken into account to achieve this result.

What is b2b communication?

B2b communication, in other words communication between companies, can be defined as all the means of promotion and advertising between professionals and commercial companies. Because companies have fairly complex products or services, it is necessary to use clear and precise communication media in order to provide a well-crafted argument to professionals.

Finally, this communication is very often aimed at a niche market, so it is up to you to perfect your strategy in order to attract potential customers. For this, for example, you can position yourself on the creation of content with keywords even with a low search rate on search engines.

What differs a b2b communication from a b2c intended for individuals is the fact that you would have to deal with professionals whose rationality and portfolio do not really have to do with b2c clients. Your challenge will therefore be to encourage a very specific contact person in the company (manager, production manager, etc.), groups of people (committee, board of directors, etc.) or purchasing centers who will need to purchase to buy. 'a mass of information regarding your products or services. Thus, these people above all will gauge whether you are worthy of having their investments in your hands and will obviously calculate their returns on investment.

Concerning professional purchases of “consumer products” or consumables of course the effort and organization will be different depending on the size of the company targeted or the b2b sales method used.

Why implement a b2b communication strategy?

As explained previously, to convince and above all win contracts with your professional clients you must put all the chances on your side and communicate to them information personalized to the needs they are looking for. In this case, we offer you different channels that you could use wisely such as social networks or via your b2b site.

  • The blog : Thanks to the blog on your b2b site, you could write interesting content and make your b2b customers think about issues that concern them. Potential buyers will therefore have access to a wealth of knowledge and will be able to use it in their decisions. In addition to this, your b2b site will gain in natural referencing and appear in better position on search engines. Finally, thanks to this you will appear credible to your potential customers because a well-referenced company with interesting and quality content is often a guarantee of credibility and therefore trust.
  • Social networks : Nothing is faster and more practical than using your social networks to promote the release of a new product or event in your company. This is very useful for relaying information and content to your future prospects. Please note that according to recent studies, 90% of business leaders say they consult a company's social networks before even taking commercial steps in BtoB. So you understand, your social networks are literally the showcase of your company if you don't take care of them it can confuse some people from working with you. So don't hesitate to update your social networks and take care of your community while publishing links on your b2b site.
  • Audiovisual formats: Youtube being used by nearly 70% of Internet users, you cannot ignore this media which takes place in our lives day by day. In fact, use it to present your products, their uses, instructions, tests, etc. This will always allow you to gain visibility on the internet and allow your b2b customers to become acquainted with your products before a meeting for example. Do not hesitate to relay these videos on your b2b sites to provide interactive content.
  • The mailing: Despite the increasing use of social networks, the use of mailing nevertheless remains strongly recommended. In fact, the average opening rate exceeds 50%, so in most cases you are guaranteed to reach more than 50% of the people contacted. However, to reach this number don't forget to create customizable and quality content. For this, inbound marketing solutions exist such as Hubspot, Plezi or Leadsius which will allow you to create personalized campaigns and address the right people for a better return rate.

B2b events are now going virtual

60%: This is the percentage of future B2B events that will have virtual versions after the health crisis, according to a LinkedIn study carried out among 200 organizers in France in 2021.

In response to the question “why continue to organize online events?”, they answer: that they are dependent on the health context (51%), that they are profitable events (38%) and globally accessible (38 %). Sometimes staying in your cave can be good!

According to this same study, 72% of those contacted affirm that they will now devote more financial resources to the development of virtual exhibitions and fairs as well as for their marketing campaigns. Finally, the main motivations are supported by the current health context, the profitability of a virtual event rather than a physical one but also that virtual events make it possible to reach a larger part of the world population who without traveling will have access to the same information flow.

You will surely have understood that focusing on digital events such as trade fairs, webinars or others can be a real springboard for your b2b and b2c communication activities. Never forget to relay these events on your b2b site via your blog or news page.