How to launch your B2B e-commerce site online

by Guillaume client BEGHIN on Feb 11, 2020

Develop your business on a e-commerce platform has many advantages. This still requires developing certain knowledge to successfully complete this project. Understanding the online business environment is a first step, but the tips below will provide you with a solid foundation for growing your business.

Management of prices and product catalog

To create your online store for sales between professionals, it is important to organize your products in a simple and efficient way with a flexible nomenclature. Price management is more complex and the e-commerce site must be able to manage all the criteria concerning your products. Depending on the chosen solution, several things must be ensured:

– Is the management of the nomenclature free to access, can you change the name of your categories, subcategories easily without having to go through your service provider or can you be independent?

– Does the management of product sheets allow you to manage different types of packaging, possibility of ordering by packaging, with a free delivery, etc.?

– Does price management allow you to manage different prices depending on your customers, variable prices depending on weight, volumes, etc.?

Payment methods

Flexibility, especially in payment methods, is one of the most important criteria for consumers. To define your payment methods, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

-Which payment methods are included in the chosen e-commerce suite?

-Do you need a payment service or would you like to invoice your customers using your usual means?

The most important payment method is credit cards although it is necessary to offer as many methods as possible.

The delivery

As with payment methods, you must ask yourself a series of questions, which will help define the best delivery method(s):

-What delivery options are available on your store?

– Is there a minimum order (free), order management on D+1, D+2, etc.?

-What options can a consumer choose when purchasing a product?

Please still be careful to determine which method will be most relevant for the buyer and for you.

The aesthetics of the store

User experience also called UX design is a very important point for your online store. Indeed, a site that is easy to navigate will help avoid certain obstacles to purchasing that consumers may encounter. The ordering process must be intuitive, quick and easy to ensure good performance.


In order to attract more traffic, you must develop your company's communication. Use social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if this corresponds to your target. SEO work is an undeniable advantage if you want to get more traffic. Finally, when the business is launched, you must regularly analyze the market to maintain your success.