How to create your B2B online store?

by Guillaume client BEGHIN on Feb 28, 2020

To create your B2B online store, your merchant site designed specifically for your needs and your field of activity, two choices are available to you:

  • On the one hand, SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions: These are turnkey B2B merchant site solutions which therefore make it possible to provide real service and monitoring of the e-commerce site by taking into account all the technical developments that occur.
  • In terms of technical development this is an advantage because the base evolves at the same time and also in terms of security because your SAAS solution updates automatically.
  • The functionalities and mode of operation are already planned for working in B2B, the design will take into account your graphic charter but the choice will be limited.
  • The SaaS solution also has the advantage of being able to be implemented very quickly, given that the base is already pre-constructed, no need to think about all the details and functionalities.
  • On the other hand, there are Open Source solutions: These are e-commerce solutions whose source code can be downloaded freely in order to be modified and adapted to your business. This technique can be useful for certain companies with specific needs but requires more time to create and often costs more. In addition, as tools and software are constantly evolving, this requires regular monitoring if you do not want your site to become obsolete and no longer compatible.
To use open source solutions, such as Prestashop or Shopify , three solutions are available to you:
– You develop it yourself but it requires technical knowledge and a lot of time.
– You go through a freelancer, the price depends on many elements (regions, skills, etc.), it will be much more flexible than an agency but the project is based on one and the same person. Also be careful to plan follow-up because once the project is delivered, the question arises: who does the follow-up and changes?
– You go through a web agency, the price will be more expensive but they take care of all the development. Each agency has its areas of expertise and it is worth checking that they will be able to develop your project as you wish.

When to get started?

To put it simply, there is no point in wanting to wait for the right time to start your online business under the pretext of wanting to have a perfectly well-organized business with all of your products online. Perfection does not exist, but you can still try to get closer to it as your online store develops.

In addition, seniority is a very important element for Google, it will allow your merchant site to appear reliable and to be well referenced.

Another advantage of launching your site quickly is that you will retrieve information more quickly about your visitors and be able to analyze their behavior, their purchases, as well as their interests.

Some numbers:

France had more than 180,000 active merchant sites in 2019 with a turnover exceeding 80 billion euros.

An e-commerce site (or online commerce) allows you to reach a large customer base, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with much lower costs than a physical store.

To summarize, the simplest and most suitable solution for businesses to develop and create their online store remains SaaS. Thanks to turnkey solutions, propel your e-commerce site on the web in no time, and start developing your business now.